Hey There, I’m Sara…

I come from a creative product background where I successfully turned my own £100 investment into a six figure business in a niche area of the craft industry. Before that I worked for British Fashion Designers designing and managing diffusion lines. So I have experience in design, marketing, business and range planning, project management and on-line selling.

Throughout the 11 years of my craft business I taught a lot of colleagues and customers different aspects of what I did, so it seemed only natural to package these tools up and put them out there into the world.

In 2017 My Indie Life Blog was born - a place where fellow independent makers can find the essential training they need to push their business forward and create the jump-out-of-bed job they always wanted!

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What is My Indie Life Blog?

In 2017 the creative market saw a boom in start-ups, but the unfortunate reality is that most will fail before the start of 2018. Why? Because many of them do not understand that building a solid business foundation and strategy for growth, should be the underpinning of their launch plan.

My Indie Life Blog was founded to help creative entrepreneurs find answers to those basic business questions that elude them, so that they can build strategic foundations to achieve the success their talent deserves.

The company’s ethos is simple;

  • Education - to provide business training & mentoring

  • Sustainability - to promote craft business as a sustainable career choice

  • Motivation - to nurture, inspire & motivate creative start-ups

  • Strategy - to help creatives develop strategies for growth

  • Confidence - to nurture artists to reach their dream business

  • People 1st - to meet the needs of creatives building better business

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“I Believe That Every Artist can Run A Successful Business”

I learnt first hand that you CAN build a successful creative business &  I'm here to show YOU HOW!

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My Story So Far...

June 2006-2009

Back in mid-2006 eBay had become the biggest topic of conversation and many of my friends started to dabble in making a quick buck here and there. At that time I was working freelance as a Fashion and Textile designer, being handsomely paid for contract tie-ins that would see me work maybe 2, or 3 days a week. Being ever restless I started selling bankrupt haberdashery stock from closing high street stores in an effort to understand the ‘eBay-thing’.

By Jan 2007 business really took off and I rebranded my eBay store as Sara’s Texture Crafts and opened my first hand built website. By June that year I had taken my new business full-time, allowing myself and my partner to start the move from London to Devon. I went on to open an Etsy shop in July, specialising in wool and textile handmade items.

2008 was to be the pivotal year for me, one that would see me buy a competitor and market leader to consolidate into Sara’s Texture Crafts and it would also see me transition into the wool market fully, specialising in everything from sheep’s fleece (which I handpicked at local farms) to finished yarns for felt-makers, spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters and textile artists. I also hand built a new ecommerce site so that I could expand into Amazon, Folksy and start showing at national craft events by early 2009.

End 2010 - May 2017

By December 2010 ill health and burnout struck, I had simply been working too hard. In the effort to understand the life changing news I also took a long hard look at my business. The reality was that although I loved my business and it was turning over staggering figures, I was over worked and under paid… I had missed what many creative start-ups had; the point of business strategy and basic profitability.

I sat down and I started to put into place the very foundations of what I teach today.

By the end of 2011 Sara’s Texture Crafts had been redeveloped, rebranded and relaunched. I made major changes, moving far away from buying in wool product to producing my own unique line of yarns and fibres. Putting myself at the centre of my business I was able to create the artisan dream I had been searching for and get paid my worth and working the hours that suited my health.

From this point on my business grew in the most amazing way and I was able to tackle other dreams like writing books, designing patterns, teaching at guilds and growing a community of fibre enthusiasts.

By 2016 I realised that my health had taken a battering again and this time I had become allergic to wool! I needed to find a new way to be self-employed. I tried a few different things, but what really stayed with me was the passion I was able to foster in others to pursue their creative dreams… to start their own businesses and so it seemed an obvious next step.

By May 2017 I had sold Sara’s Texture Crafts, retaining the name and launched my first course on My Indie Life Blog.

The Launch of My Indie Life Blog

The end of 2017 has been a busy time for me; I launched my book, ‘How to start a Craft Business’, my academy with some initial online courses and I started coaching, mentoring creative start-ups on aspects of their business strategy.

I have a long term plan to make My Indie Life Blog THE place to come and learn aspects of business that creative start-ups just can’t find elsewhere. It will also be the place where craft businesses can get hands on help through a selection of high quality services.

March 2018 saw the launch of my quarterly magazine, 'My Craft Biz', packed with advice and actionable tips for Craft Businesses.

The Handmade Business Podcast was launched in July 2018 and continues to grow as a weekly live session on Facebook and a video replay on YouTube.

Whilst I love working on-line I do love getting out there and meeting makers face-to-face and so I do host in-person workshops too. You can check those out under my Events page.

April 2019 saw the first enrollment of my group coaching platform, Craft Biz Incubator. A membership site for makers and creatives who want the weekly encouragement to succeed!

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