Working Happy and Working with Purpose; How to be Your Own Boss

Working Happy and Working with Purpose; How to be Your Own Boss

Running your own business is difficult. Period.

There are so many things we need to know at the start and so many things we need to create.

Often we rush in to working on our product first, before we have found a customer base, explore profitability, or even create the foundations of our business plan. We are relying on the one thing we know how to do as artists and that is to create.

We forget that the first step is realising the commitment of our business and aligning that with our values and our happiness. We forget that we also need to fully realise a blueprint (a plan) for our business.

Worse still are those of us who continue on in the same vain. We work quite frankly absurd hours trying to rake in just a little cash return from our business. We are exhausted and upset that the business isn’t what we’d hoped. Sometimes we try many different band aid options trying to see if we can quickly plug gaps in our knowledge, or our plan. We never take the time to overhaul and we should.

That sounds silly, right?! What does happiness have to do with our business? And if I’m not asking for money at the bank, why do I need a plan?

Here’s the thing.

If you are not happy with your business then there is something wrong. That detail is in your happiness and your plan. So knowing what these are at the start helps you to understand what it is that you need to change.


Imagine for a moment.

Our new business is like a machine. It will have many individual parts to it, that form individual cogs; accounting, marketing, production and so on. Each of these cogs has to be just the right size and shape, so that it reaches the other cogs around it. All of the cogs fit together in one specific way to make the machine produce… produce money.

To know how that machine works we need to have a blueprint (a plan) to show us what cogs we need and where they fit into our machine. If we aren’t sure how to create those individual cogs, the we need to study them and practise them. Once the practise turns into perfection we can create the correct cog that the gap in our machine requires, enabling it to work.

What fuels that machine? We do. We need to give it time, energy and love. That takes a lot from us, so it’s important that we know and understand the commitment and that we are happy to make it. It is also important that that commitment aligns with our overall happiness, because if we are happy, then we are happy to work.

The fuel we produce powers the machine that starts the perfectly placed cogs, which produces the money.

I spend a lot of time talking about the individual cogs and showing you how to build them, but I rarely talk about the fuel you need to provide.

Today I want to introduce you to a book that I think really helps put that into perspective.

She Takes on the World
By Natalie Macneil

I read Natalie’s book* a few months ago and busy with other content for the blog I never found the time to tell you about it, which I regret. You see, through reading this book I really reconnected with my own personal alignment to my business; my passion and purpose, and I think you could too.

Natalie MacNeil Quote

Natalie outlines the key to being happy in your business as;

  • Love and passion for what you do
  • Never undervaluing yourself and your worth
  • Planning your team, or if you are on your own then your systems
  • Having the courage to give your business your all
  • Putting yourself first

She is absolutely right.

And yet we forget this constantly.

We are the centre of our business success and so we need to stay true to what matters to us, what drives us, what keeps us happy, because if we don’t we will slowly take our foot off the pedal and the business machine will slowly grind to a halt.

So remember if you are struggling emotionally and physically in your business right now that you need to do something about it, before you cause yourself burnout.

Burnout is a very real thing… ask me how I know!

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