Mums in Business! Do this One Thing to Save Time.

Mum's in Business

We all know how hard it is to get things done sometimes and it's especially hard if you have other responsibilities at home with you. Today I have a guest post by Mahlena-Rae Johnson who has some advice for working mums.

Mahlena's Words of Advice to Working Mums

Hello fellow Indie Life Mums in Business!

Do you want to save time?

Have you often attempted to do ten things at once?

Do you like the idea of creating more hours in your schedule, but you don’t know where to start?

As a mompreneur working on multiple projects during any given month—including writing my fourth book, developing my second feature-length screenplay, and coaching students in three different countries on four different subjects–I feel your pain. It’s impossible to everything at once.

But I have a solution for you.



There is One Thing you can do to save time.

What is it?

It’s One Thing.

Do only One Thing at a time.

You can’t save time; you can only spend it.

If you want more hours in your day, spend your time doing only One Thing at once.


Why should I do only One Thing?


When you focus your mind on one task, your concentration improves. Your effectiveness improves. Therefore, it takes you less time to do what you need to do, which gives you more time to enjoy other activities.

For example, I mentioned that I’m working on my fourth book. It’s a romance novel called Love at a Luau, and I am loving the writing process.

However, writing this book takes time. It also takes energy and focus to develop the universe of this book, research the cultures of Hawaiʻi, think about the motivations of the characters, and express the unfolding situations in the chapters in words.

The most effective way for me to work on this book is to sit in the library with my headphones and typitty type words on my computer.

That means during this time, I am not doing anything else.

Including hanging out with my family.

As a mom, choosing to spend my time away from my family working on a solitary task that brings me joy may be seen as blasphemy. How dare I enjoy the solitude of my creative process? Couldn’t I work on my book at home, at least in physical proximity to my family members?

I could, but that would take more time in the long run. And, my energy would be divided between my writing and my family, and neither would get my full attention. So no one would be happy.

Therefore, I choose to spend a few hours alone at the library, and then I choose to spend a few hours at home with my family. And everyone’s happy.


But how can I do One Thing?

Start small.

For some of us, doing One Thing at a time is a big change. Moms are often encouraged and praised for our multitasking abilities. But just because we can do something well doesn’t mean we should do it. I can vacuum a rug with the best of them, but my Roomba cleans my carpet even better.

So pick One Thing you would like to focus on today. It could be creating your social media calendar, replying to emails, researching your industry, or composing a blog post. Something that will move your business forward in a positive, measurable way.

Schedule ten minutes for this task, and then work on it with no outside interruptions. Focus all of your energy on this one task for ten minutes.

Then check in with yourself to see how it went. And move on to your next task.


Mums, we’ve talked about a lot today. Let’s recap. The One Thing you should do to save time is One Thing. Do only One Thing at a time. This will allow you to focus your energy and execute your tasks more efficiently.

Start today.

Stop multitasking and wearing yourself out.

Do One Thing.

Mums, are you struggling to do One Thing at a time? Have you already experienced the power of One Thing? Who, besides you, will benefit when you choose to do One Thing? How will your life change once you stop multitasking and start doing One Thing at a time? Share your process in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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Mahlena-Rae Johnson

Likely to Kidnap a Backstreet Boy. When she isn’t working smart to help professional women achieve their personal goals, Mahlena is writing her fourth book, Love at a Luau, wrangling her growing family, and indulging in reruns of A Different World and Murder, She Wrote. You can read more of Mahlena’s witty musings on Work/Life Balance for Creative Women at