Podcast: DREAM GOALS and why your business needs them!

Today on the podcast we are talking about Dream Goals and why they are so important to your business.

So what is a Dream Goal?

Dream Goals are highly aspirational; they are your heart’s desire. They are not hindered by caution, or hesitance. They are your desired end result.

For example; I dream to have a business that helps me to teach millions of people around the world to have more successful businesses through better planning.

Dream Goals are the focused point in the future to which we want our businesses to get.

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Why do we need them?

Without Dream Goals we simply flounder at which route is best for our business, often taking two steps forward and one step back.

Do you know that feeling?

It’s perfectly natural to feel it.

I, myself floundered for the longest time in my last business until I sat down and started using the goal plan method that I now teach.

If you watch the video you can see that swirly path of non-focus and non-achievement.