I started a YouTube Channel!

my indie life blog on youtube

I know scary stuff putting yourself out there in front of the camera, but the truth is I kinda like it!

I've wanted to get a package together of training videos for a while and it seemed a really good idea to get started on YouTube first.

So here's my channel.

I have a lot of ideas planned for you. I want to create;

  • mini series on given topics
  • host webinars on specific training topics
  • talk you through courses and eBooks in more detail
  • answer your business planning questions!

I have a lot to learn about filmography and creating the perfect content, but Ilatest do have a message and that's a start at least :)

What I need now is to hear from you!

What you need to help grow your business today?

What do you find difficult about planning for your business success?

Thank you,

Sara x