My 1 to 1 Coaching Service for creative small businesses

It seemed clear early on that while my courses go down a storm that people occasionally prefer a 1 to 1 service, particularly if they have hit an obstacle in their business and aren't sure how to move past it.

So I asked… ‘Would you like a 1 to 1 service?’

The overwhelming response was, ‘Yes!’

I set about running some trials and am pleased to announce the opening of my 1 to 1 services.

my indie life blog coaching

This is how they will work.

I am offering 1, 3, or 6 month blocks in which we will cover focused aspects of your business.

In that time we will have weekly video chats wherein we will discuss how to move that aspect of your business forward and how to get past an obstacle you are facing. I will send you a report after each session outlining my advice and any task I think are important for you to focus on in the coming week. Essentially we will be using two heads instead of one to help you create more success for your business.


So Are You Feeling Stuck And Need Some Help?

I have 11 years of experience in selling handmade products online and at shows; turning a £100 investment into almost 7 figures of turnover.


My Experience

I worked on-line as a maker for almost 11 years and was successful in what I did. Now I help others follow in my footsteps and turn their hobby into a business.

I'm very passionate about helping others achieve their dream, so let me help you with yours!

I'm able to help you with;

  • Your business and product planning

  • Your website

  • Your social media

  • Your blog

  • Your email newsletter

  • Your craft shows and events


'I've just started some coaching with Sara, and am finding my motivation and focus has improved dramatically, and that's just after the first session!' ~ Natalie of Knatters Knits


If you'd like to try just one session to see how you get on, then try one here...

1 to 1 Consultation Call (30 mins)
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