Small Business Monday: An Interview With Lizzie from Clay Disarray

Clay Disarray

Today's feature highlights passion, which is so important in our lives.

Some of us discover that our real creative passion lies somewhere completely different to where we first thought. These stories fascinate me, especially where a new business arises.

Let Me Introduce You To Lizzie Who Owns Clay Disarray

Clay Disarray

What inspired you to start Clay Disarray and how did you make it happen?

I spent a lot of my adult life working in the charitable sector. Although I loved the work, I really felt that I was missing something, creatively, so I went back to education in my thirties and attained a degree in illustration. While on my course, I began experimenting with clay and soon saw its potential as a creative medium. As time went on, I found myself working more with clay and less with more traditional illustration materials and thus, Clay Disarray was born.


Why did you decide to go it on your own and not work for someone else?

There wasn’t ever a moment where I decided to work for myself, in that it really just happened because my work is so niche. Working alone does come with its own pros and cons, as I really miss feeling part of a team at times, but my introverted nature lends itself well to lone working.


What’s the biggest lesson you have learned in running your business so far?

Aside from various lessons in financial aspects that we all come across in business, I’ve found the biggest lesson to be make time to network with others. Not only is this a great activity to help promote your work, but when you work alone, it’s really important to communicate with others on a regular basis – as it makes you feel part of the world!


Clay Disarray

What has been your biggest shining moment so far? 

I’m not sure if there’s a single shining moment that comes to mind, because there are various events and aspects of my work that I’m proud of, all of which contribute to what Clay Disarray is today.

If I’m honest, I like to think more about future projects than work I’ve already produced, or been part of, as it’s a great motivator for me.


How do you plan each business year? Or month?

As a freelance artist, I don’t tend to have a particular plan for any set month, other than spending as much time as I can in promoting my work through social media, emails and postal campaigns. Marketing is so important as a freelancer, as the more people are aware of your work, the broader your potential client base is.


How important is it to you to set business goals?

While Clay Disarray is still formally establishing itself as a business, I tend to set creative goals as opposed to business goals, really to ensure that I’m happy with the quality of my work as it’s really important for me to feel creatively fulfilled in what I produce and where I’m headed as an artist.


What is your next business goal?

It’s really important to diversify as an artist and think about different revenue streams. In terms of my next creative goal, I’m currently working on a series of images for greeting cards and other miscellanea, which I hope will make my work even more accessible in the future.

Thank you to Lizzie for being so generous with her time and let’s wish her continued success with the business.

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