Podcast: 10 Things to do if you are feeling unmotivated In your business.

Welcome to another episode of the podcast!

Today we are talking about how to remove unmotivating obstacles from our way. This comes from a blog post I wrote a while ago called, 'How To Get Stuff Done – A Guide For The Totally Unmotivated And Uninspired!, where I talked about why we feel unmotivated and how to spot a lack of motivation. I do recommend going to have a read of it!

I also want to mention my Facebook Group,  where you can ask for help if you need it.

So what are my 10 things to do if you feel unmotivated?

  1. Refer to your goal plan and remove, or divert from obstacles by analysis
  2. Understand your 'why', i.e. the bigger picture of what your doing and why your are doing it
  3. Do some research to help you gain the knowledge you need overcome an obstacle 
  4. Ask for help and use your networks
  5. The 10 minute tidy up!
  6. Take a break and re-energise
  7. Find your 10 minute fix of happy
  8. Know when you feel more naturally motivated during the day
  9. Rewards
  10. Walk away

Watch the episode for my full explanations.