Small Business Monday: An Interview With Hilary From Mcbeard Ceramics.

Mcbeard Ceramics

Today's feature is a story about taking your existing passions in a new direction and becoming your own boss.

The skills you have learned in previous jobs are always transferable, so remember whilst tackling the steep learning curve of starting your own business you should combine passions with skills to create something you love!

Let Me Introduce To You Hilary From Mcbeard Ceramics.

Mcbeard Ceramics

What inspired you to start (name) and how did you make it happen?

A combination of factors led me to start my own business. I originally trained as a pastry chef, but besides working in kitchens I was teaching ceramics part time, and selling my tableware at local craft fairs and farmers markets. I finally bought a pottery wheel for my home studio and set up a website, so when I then received a large order of plates for a new local cafe, the timing seemed right. 


What’s the most difficult part of being your own boss?

Customer service, and remembering to pay myself a fair wage.


What has been your biggest shining moment so far?

It doesn't feel like such a shining moment when it's happening, but having so much interest in my plates that I have to ration orders is pretty great. 


Mcbeard Ceramics

What would be your number one tip to someone wishing to start their own business?

Use Quickbooks Self Employed. I wasted so much time trying to figure out the regular version of Quickbooks, and for a small business it just isn't necessary. 


How important is it to you to set business goals?

Of course it is important, but my style seems to be more organic, where the goals are subconcious. As long as my business is growing at a rate where I can still manage everything, I'm fine.


What is your next business goal?

Buying a kiln. 

Thank you to Hilary for being so generous with her time and let’s wish her continued success with the business.

Don’t forget you can find Hilary at Mcbeard Ceramics.