STOP Wasting Opportunities & Create an Authentic Marketing Message Today!

STOP Wasting Opportunities & Create an Authentic Marketing Message Today! BONUS: Marketing Message Planner

Marketing yourself online is always a daunting thing for small business owners, particularly if you do something creative.

How do you reach those people who crave what you create? How do you connect in a way that resonates with them and eventually converts them from admirers to buyers?

The answer is simple, you need to provide your followers with VALUE.

VALUE marketing is a clearly defined, consistent delivery of content that you both create and curate for your followers that answers their problem.
— Sara Millis

Good value should inspire and excite, it should also inform and show off your expertise. It can absolutely include content curated from sources you trust to help highlight points in your message, but it must be done in a way that enhances your message.

Let me give you an example to show you what I mean by creating ‘value’.

An example from my Instagram account.

An example from my Instagram account.

For 11 years I ran an artisan called Sara’s Texture Crafts and I was very successful at creating an on-line presence.

I didn’t pay a penny for ads and I didn’t play the google ranking game either!

How did I do it?

I learnt to speak simply and clearly to my customer and I used their passion for what I did to share and create a buzz about my products on Social Media.

My marketing plan was simple, I let my customers into my daily working life, I shared everything and I was always keen to start conversations and engage with them on their own content platforms too. I gave advice and encouragement around my craft, showing them exactly how to use my product.

I became the person to ask questions of, the person who inspired and most importantly someone they looked out for on a daily basis.

Every time I posted I saw increased traffic to my website, daily subscribers to my email list and an increase in sales.

So how can you create value?

You need to start by creating your marketing message. I have created a simple planner that will help you do that and the great thing is that you can fill it in from the information you already know about your customers through sales, shows and conversations. 

First of all you need to understand;

  • Who your customer is
  • What their problems are
  • How to show you are an expert in solving that for them

Then you need to set yourself an experiment and start to create content that answers your customers’ problem in a way that shows your expertise.

Most people forget one simple rule in this - you need to set your experiment a goal!

Setting a goal at the start of your experiment will give you a clearly defined target to aim for and help form the foundations of your strategy for success.

So your No Nonsense Goal for creating VALUE in your marketing message should always be;

‘To deliver a consistent message of value to encourage engagement with clients and foster potential leads’.

From this point you should break your goal down into tasks. These tasks should be focused on that goal of delivering your consistent message and showing your expertise, so think timings, media types, social networks and how to schedule all of this within your day to day workflow.

Once your experiments starts you can monitor it to perfect your message, or try something new.

*Marketing Message Planner is no longer available.