5 Tips to Increasing Your Blog Engagement

5 tips to better blog engagement

We’ve been talking about blogging for creative product businesses here on My Indie Life Blog this month and so far we’ve covered the very basics of how a blog can be useful for your business, as stand-alone marketing and an additional revenue stream. Now I want to switch up that focus and answer the burning question;

‘Once I have my blog set up and fresh content scheduled, how do I get people to read it, share it and start to love what I write about?’

Here will us today is Claire from the successful blog, Start a Craft Blog who has generously put together her top 5 tips for increasing blog engagement.

Claire’s Top 5 Tips to Increasing Engagement on Your Blog

Number 1. You need to know who your customer is before you can engage with them. How can you possibly connect and engage with somebody when you have no idea who you are talking to?

The one thing that nobody ever told me and I only figured out this year (yeah, I’m a bit slow) is that YOU DECIDE who your target customer is, create content for them and thus attract them.

It’s a bit like figuring out a character in a novel. You need to them to their core.


Number 2. Speak to your Customer Avatar (your ideal customer), you will know their name by now. When it comes to creating content, it will be a breeze because you already know their struggles. Speak to ONE person. No plurals. Don’t write “Hi everyone!” because when someone is reading that, alone in bed using their phone, they won’t resonate with that at all. Would you?  


Number 3. Write quality content that solves a problem for your reader.

On my craft blog, the most engagement that I have is on a handful of articles (out of hundreds) that solves problems for my readers.

Over at Start A Craft Blog I have engagement and comments on several post but the top two posts that have over 40 comments are posts that I wrote after seeing several people asking questions in Facebook groups about struggling to find group boards to join on Pinterest. As an owner of several Pinterest Group Boards and a member, since Pinterest introduced the group boards feature, I knew almost everything there is to know (I’m a self confessed Veteran Pinterest Ninja).

I have a 30 Minute Pinterest Webinar in my Blogger Library if you need tips and advice about Pinterest.


Number 4. Offer something to your readers that useful, for free.

Offer a Free download that is useful, that people are screaming out for! It could be an ebook, a PDF guide, worksheets or planner. If you’re offering this kind of stuff for free, what is your paid content going to be like?


Number 5. Promote your content.

My best advice is to promote, promote, promote. You should spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it. I have lots of advice on my blog for doing that too. There are so many platforms per niche that are dedicated to helping you promote content so you should take advantage of them.


Bonus Tip: Ask questions! It won’t always work, but if your content is useful, people will respond.

Start a craft blog claire

Ask the expert was hosted today by;

My name is Claire, I’m a craft blogger by trade and started a new blog called Start A Craft Blog to help others in the crafting niche navigate a little easier and learn how they can truly monetise their efforts successfully. I’m a chronically ill, disabled woman with limited energy so if I can do it, then anybody can.