PODCAST: why blogs are great for product businesses

PODCAST: why blogs are great for product businesses

Today on the podcast we are talking about why blogs are so great for product businesses. Watch and join in the conversation!

There are four main reasons why blogs are a great idea for your business and in the podcast I go into finer detail, but I'll briefly outline those below too;

Blogs generate more leads to your website

  • Businesses who blog have 97% more organic links to their website than those who do not blog
  • Blogs help your website's SEO
  • 81% of shoppers polled revealed that they do their product research online before a purchase. 47% of these will read 4-5 pieces of internet information before a purchase (especially if there is a high price tag involved).
  • Blogs are still rated in the top 5 sources of trusted information on the internet.
  • 20% of my previous product business traffic came from my own blog.

Blogs help establish your authority and expertise about what you sell

  • People buy from people they trust and so if you can show that you are the 'go-to' person for a product or service, people will come. Blogs are a great way to develop that thought process for your customers.

Social Media content is not directly linked to your website

  • Blogs that sit on your site (or share a URL) lead to higher click through and mental connection

Blogs give you long term ROI

  • Relevant and regularly updated blogs give you lots more leads to develop, especially given that Social media efforts have a much shorter life span.
  • We talk about planning, which is why I mention my new Blog Planner!

In conclusion Blogging is a really important part of your Marketing Funnel.