An Interview with SynCommerce the Multi-Channel Inventory Tool

An Interview with SynCommerce the Multi-Channel Inventory Tool.jpg

Many of us crafters will choose to sell our products in more than one place on-line, to gain exposure and it’s a popular theory that holds weight, as many more commercial businesses are starting to do the same. The problem is that with this multi-channel selling comes a little bit of a headache in how to manage our stock.

I spoke to Christian from SynCommerce to find out more about how their software helps businesses synchronise their inventory without pulling their hair out!


Why do sellers need to consider multiple management systems?

The truth is multichannel retailing is becoming more of a necessity, rather than a luxury these days. As reported by Empire Flippers, merchants who sell on two marketplaces, realize a 190% increase in sales, compared to those who sell on just one marketplace. It is an extremely daunting task for online merchants to drive traffic to their online stores. The already existing buyers that multiple sales channels, marketplaces especially, makes multichannel retailing really appealing. Amazon for instance has about 304 million, and growing active customer base. Why sell on just your online store in the first place, when you can meet buyers where they are to make more sales.

However, managing the multiple sales channels is not easy. You have to start thinking of how to get your products published on these different channels, how to track orders so you can process and fulfil them in time, tracking sales to project profits and losses, checking inventory levels when items are sold so they remain the same across channels to prevent overselling, updating inventory levels across various channels when restocking, and many others. It can become really overwhelming. Over the years, merchants have resorted to excel sheets to get their way around it. But online merchants need an automated system to make it easy, effective, and efficient. That ease, that efficiency, is what SynCommerce provides. Online merchants can focus more on selling on these different channels, whilst SynCommerce does all the work for them.


What is SynCommerce?

SynCommerce is a cloud based inventory and order management application that makes it very easy for online merchants to manage their stores across multiple sales channels such as Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.

The centralized dashboard allows online merchants to sell, track and manage their inventory across multiple sales channels simultaneously.

SynCommerce equips them with the tools that allow them to list their products, manage inventory, fulfil orders, and automatically keep their inventory levels in sync across all the channels they sell on. All from one place, and in real time.


Powerful Synchronization

In real time, the system automatically adjusts the inventory level of your listings on other stores if you sell an item on any of your stores connected. Changes made on one store, automatically get synchronized on the other stores you sell on.


Hiding of zero inventory items

Avoid overselling and out of stock situations. Set your preferences to instruct SynCommerce to hide or not hide your items when it hits quantity 0.


Bulk Listing

Products imported from any of your connected stores, can be forward-listed on any of your other connected stores in minutes. You can also create new products on SynCommerce, and publish them to all your connected stores in bulk. You don’t have to repeatedly switch from platform to platform, to provide the same information such as product title, description and images. SynCommerce allows you to provide it once, and publish it to multiple connected stores.


Quick and easy order fulfilment

Monitor your orders from all connected stores and fulfil them in record time. With our integration with third party fulfilment systems such as ShippingEasy, orders from all your connected stores are automatically pushed to your ShippingEasy account for processing, and fulfilment. You can also purchase and print shipping labels for your orders right from your SynCommerce account.