How To Start A Craft Business - Tip 5: Be prepared to work hard

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I mentioned in tip #4 that commitment should be clear and life balancing, but I also need to talk about work ethic.

If you want your business to succeed you must work at it and believe me, it will be hard… my almost 7 figures of turnover in 11 years didn’t happen all by itself! So, when you are setting up your working hours, make them reasonable, but certainly make them meaningful too. Make sure you understand how much time you will need for certain jobs like; stocking your shop, marketing and admin and stick to them. There is nothing worse than watching someone be flaky about it.

Remember your customers crave consistency, if they spot your lack of commitment, they won’t take your business seriously and that means losing sales opportunities and repeat business.

Don’t tire yourself out hunting for answers if you do get stuck though… check out the ways I can help make your business life easier;

  • resources – always take advantage of resources when they are on offer.
  • Tool walkthroughs - Check out automation tools too, as these will help automate parts of your workflow setting you free to create new unique products and catch up on orders.
  • Mentorship – Look for someone who has been there and done that… seek their help to create strategies, goals and a solid business foundation.

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