I'm Speaking at the on-line Maker's Biz Summit 2018 in a few Weeks! GRAB YOUR FREE TICKET HERE!!

I just wanted to let you know of this awesome online event that’s coming up… It’s called MAKERS’ BIZ and it’s an online conference for Makers and Handmade Shop Owners.

And I will be speaking at it!

I will be talking about a really important subject, that is something dear to my heart because it helped turn my business into the success it was... and so I know it will be extremely useful knowledge for your business too.


Creating Multiple Revenue Streams To Avoid 'Dry' Sales Spells

March 16th, at 5PM Central Time

I'm so excited to be talking at this event along with 30 other experts and successful handmade entrepreneurs!

To name a few; Mei Pak, Danielle Spurge, Tracy Matthews, Jenni Waldrop, Morgan Nield, Janet Le Blanc, Jess Van Den, Jami King, Clare Yuille, Arianne Foulks, Kiffanie Stahle, Gary Capps, Jeff Daigle, Dalia Abdalla, Kristin Wilson, Amy Eaton, Richie Peplin and Gordon Hardy, and SO many more!

The speakers are world-class experts who will share with you tips and strategies they’ve learnt from experience – and yes that includes the mistakes they’ve made, so you can be sure you won’t make the same!

All the sessions are actionable. No fluffy advice like “you need to bring traffic to your store” (duh), this event is here to actually show you how to do it.

Alongside the experts sessions, you’ll also get access to practical workshop sessions:

These are practical LIVE sessions where we get our hands dirty and together, help you cross some important items off your to-do list. Think “Creating your very own traffic masterplan” or “Crafting a successful marketing strategy for your shop”. These sessions are taught LIVE so you can get the support you need.

This 100% online event is organized like a course (step-by-step) and will give you the blueprint to selling your products online successfully.

The best part? It’s free!

The summit is organised around 3 key stages, so wherever you’re at in your handmade shop journey, we’ve got you covered:

1 - Getting started

We’ll talk about products and products collections, pricing, packaging, choosing your platform, building your shop, organising your finances, branding, taking beautiful product photos… Everything you need to build a strong foundation for your handmade business.

2 - Getting traffic

We will cover: how to create your own traffic plan, how to use social media to get more shop visitors, how to use paid ads (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), how to finally master your SEO, and more!

3 - Getting sales

Traffic is nice, but sales are what matters :) Learn how to go from ‘hello’ to “thank you for your order” using sales and conversion strategies, email marketing, photography, social media, retargeting, and so much more!


You can watch the summit live from the comfort of your own house and save hundreds of dollars in training or in fees to attend in-person conferences. And it’s all for free!

Hope to see you there,

Sara x


P.S. The free ticket gives you a limited time access to the entire summit, so if you need more time to access the entire collection of really cool webinars and workshops, then you need to follow the links emails you get with the free ticket on how to upgrade!