Small Business Monday: An Interview With Emma From Ellie Press UK

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Today's feature is some real inspiration for those of you who are wondering if now is the perfect time to start something creative.

I talk a lot about planning and research before you start a craft business and whilst I believe that's how every business should be started, right at the beginning it's about seizing the moment. Trusting in your intuition that now is the right time for you.

Let Me Introduce To You Emma From Ellie Press UK, Who seized her moment!

Emma from Ellie Press UK

Emma from Ellie Press UK

What inspired you to start Ellie Press UK and how did you make it happen?

I had worked in the corporate sector for years and always wanted to do something creative. I drew in my spare time and started researching letterpress. It fascinated me due to the age of the equipment and the fact that all of the terms we use today in design (font/ leading etc.) came from those early printing techniques - a fact that’s lost on the younger generation today. After having children something had to give and the company I worked at were starting to make redundancies. I saw it as an opportunity to do something from home and I haven’t looked back!



Work by Ellie Press UK

Work by Ellie Press UK

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned in running your business?

Oh I have made a lot of mistakes and learnt loads!! Someone once said to me ‘Fail Fast’, make those mistakes, pick yourself up and keep going! You can’t just put products out there and think they will sell. I cringe at some of my earlier work now but at the same time it tells me how much I have learnt and improved and it has taught me to continue to refine the work I produce. 




Work by Ellie Press UK

Work by Ellie Press UK

What has been your biggest shining moment so far?

Working with the prestigious Hampden House in Buckinghamshire. I am so proud of the relationship that I have with them and the wedding venue itself is outstanding. I love spending time there in the house’s sumptuous surroundings! In March myself and members of the Bucks Wedding Team are putting together a photoshoot at the house and I can’t wait to see the results!


What would be your number one tip to someone wishing to start their own business?

Research your market, a lot of markets are saturated now so what makes you unique and different so that you stand out from all of the others? Don’t think the money will roll in overnight, keep a close eye on costs and your profit margins! Also find the time to network (a lot of home business owners are very introvert) - you never know when those connections will make a difference! 


What is your next business goal?

To work on my wedding stationery and develop the designs and online offering that I have. My website needs an overhaul to reflect the stationery I have produced over the last two years and I’d like to make it much more user friendly.


Thank you to Emma for being so generous with her time and let’s wish her continued success with the business. Don’t forget you can find Emma at Ellie Press UK.