Craft Event Directory: Muswell Hill Creatives

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Today we are exploring Muswell Hill Creatives, based in London, UK.

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Can you tell me a bit about Muswell Hill Creatives

Muswell Hill Creatives was founded in Muswell Hill, North London in 2014.  Its founder, Rachael Booth-Clibborn comes from a communications background and suggested to designer maker friends she had met through her children that there might be a way of them all collaborating.  Six weeks after their first meeting, the group held its first Open House event and Muswell Hill Creatives was born. 

Muswell Hill Creatives (MHC) brings together local artists and makers united by a desire to create original, high-quality products through skilled workmanship. The collective includes those who have had full careers in the creative sector, as well as some who have re-trained in areas they have long been interested in or have simply returned to an old passion for creating.

Image by Muswell Hill Creatives

Image by Muswell Hill Creatives


What makes Muswell Hill Creatives special in your view?

Each creative places a high value on interaction with other members, as many of them work alone; indeed, this interaction was the primary reason for establishing the collective. The creatives have their own businesses, but also come together to sell their work as the Muswell Hill Creatives via pop up shops, exhibitions and markets.  Workshops are also held for the members.  They all feel a great sense of belonging and camaraderie and enjoy supporting each other’s creative goals. 


Image by Muswell Hill Creatives

Image by Muswell Hill Creatives

Where and how can people apply to show with you?

MHC holds four markets a year in the centre of Muswell Hill and we invite guests to join us by applying for a stall.  The next market takes place on Saturday 12th May.  Deadline for applications is Thursday 12th May at 9am.  Details on our website

We have a mailing list which designer makers can join via our website

The other 2018 market dates are Saturday 29th September and Saturday 24th November.


Do you have specific criteria for applications?

Independent designer makers creating their own original products.  Those from Muswell Hill and neighbouring areas are prioritised depending on space.


Please tell us about your next event…

Muswell Hill Creatives Summer Market, 10.30am-4.30pm, St James’s Square, Muswell Hill, London N10 3HS (outside Planet Organic and the Everyman Cinema).

Members of Muswell Hill Creatives will be joined by guest designer makers with stalls selling a whole range of high quality products from ceramics, millinery, children’s clothes, knitwear, art prints, homewares and contemporary furniture.