My Craft Biz eZine - Advice for craft business owners

Usually I send out newsletters once a month to keep everyone up to date with the content I create, but today I wanted to talk about how that's going to change.


First Issue - 1st May 2018
Released only to subscribers!

My Craft Biz eZine is a quarterly advice publication for Craft Businesses, brought to you by me, Sara Millis of My Indie Life Blog.

Each themed issue is packed full of advice and actionable tips you can put directly into action!

Subscribers get;

  • Full unedited content from teachings by Sara
  • Exclusive content and interviews with business owners
  • Resource information
  • Access to live Q&A sessions
  • Details of related courses, products and services

How and why does this replace your standard monthly newsletter?

I'll be honest, I have found myself struggling for a while to create monthly newsletters that didn't come across as lame sales pitches for new courses, or coaching packages and that kept you up to date with everything I create and put out there each month. Particularly in a way that didn't feel grossly overwhelming in a time when you should be worrying instead about your inboxes being full of orders and not nonsense from me!

The European GDPR compliance is coming in in May this year, which changes how we regulate data protection for clients and marketing subscribers and so I felt it was time to sit down and really work out what I wanted these newsletters to become.

With all of this in mind I came up with the My Craft Biz eZine. It's one simple opt-in that puts you the reader first.

In the 1st Issue:

We will be talking about Craft Shows and taking you through the simple tips and tricks for creating a more successful revenue stream for your business.

Craft Shows are a great way to show off your products and services, so grab a copy and learn how to make the most of your talents!

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