Small Business Monday: Becky's Boutique

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Today's feature is all about reaching the next level with your business.

I strongly believe that in most cases small craft businesses can go full-time, with a mixture of the right attitude and the right plan. Today is a story about someone who really has taken her dream to a reality and is almost leveling-up to full time!

Let Me Introduce Becky of Becky's Boutique.

Photo and work by Becky of Becky's Boutique

Photo and work by Becky of Becky's Boutique

What inspired you to start Becky's Boutique and how did you make it happen?

I have admired jewellery for as long as I can remember and I’m fascinated by the history and stories behind it. The symbolism and unique expression of something of the wearer or receiver of the gift can be profound, as well as it giving pleasure and beauty.

I started Becky’s Boutique to share my love and passion for jewellery and to help empower women to express their own style. I also love to be able to create special pieces for my customers that they can find meaning in or will become part of a special day/memory.

I began by selling my jewellery online through my Etsy shop in September 2016, using that platform to test designs and start building and establishing my brand. In January 2018, I launched my own website and VIP member club that I run alongside my Etsy shop. I also opened a studio in Chichester in August 2017 where I sell my jewellery as well as using part of the space as a workshop.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned in running your business so far?

Not all opportunities that you will be presented with are necessarily right for your business. You should feel confident to say ‘no’ if it doesn’t fit with your overall plan and vision for your business, brand and values. It will waste your time and can give leave people confused about what you’re about.

Photo and work by Becky of Becky's Boutique

Photo and work by Becky of Becky's Boutique

What’s the most difficult part of being your own boss?

It’s hard not to become overwhelmed by everything that you need to do to run your own business – especially as a team of one – so it’s important to plan your time and prioritise, including making time for yourself and your personal relationships.  

What has been your biggest shining moment so far?

Seeing my customers enjoy and get excited about pieces that I’ve designed and created. It means so much to hear why they chose it and what it means to them, and to be part of people’s special memories.

What is your next business goal?

Growing my business to the stage where I can comfortably give up my part-time job and work on it full-time, which I’m hoping to achieve by the end of this tax year.

Thank you to Becky for being so generous with her time and let’s wish her continued success with the business. Don’t forget you can find Becky at Becky's Boutique.