Handmade Business Episode 002 – You need this productivity tool!

📌 Pinboards are a really easy to set up and are a cost effective way to project-manage your craft business.

How Pinboards can help you plan your Craft Business


I have been using pinboards as a way to plan the strategy of business through out my working life and I still use them today. In fact you can often find them in the background of the office pictures I share on-line.

I use them for all manner of things, like;

  • design inspiration (or mood boards)
  • range planning
  • product development, or product costing
  • production planning
  • social media stratergy
  • marketing stratergy
  • customer profiles and market research
  • goal planning
  • and so much more

... really anything that helps me to draw a focus on what I'm working on right now.


And what's great about that is that they really do help you focus!

So it means that I stay on task for much longer, helping me to be more productive and more precise in my work.

Here I am working on a new project for My Indie Life Blog called the Craft Biz Incubator and as you can see I have lots of work to do!

What's even easier about pinboards is that they can be a constant 'work in progress', so as my project develops and takes shape my pinboard can change and adapt with me. This allows me to always be in charge of my bigger picture.