Handmade Business Podcast Ep.003 – Growth Hack: Automation

Today we are talking about Automation; what it is and why it’s a powerful tool to grow your business!

There’s a freebie too, so go check that out to learn about the other tools I used to grow my successful Craft Business

Sara x

Why you should care about using automation tools in your craft business

One of the biggest problems my coaching clients face is finding the time to create a strategy for growth. In other words they find themselves struggling with the day-to-day running of their Craft Business as it starts to take off and they find it hard pushed to produce their products, sell them and build brand awareness. So thinking about taking time out of their busy day to create a future plan is the furthest from their minds.

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I felt like this too, when I first really started growing my own Craft Business, Sara's Texture Crafts. In fact I ignored future planning to my detriment, convinced instead that things would work themselves out while I had too much to do.

It took a month-long health break a product of burn-out and a miscarriage for me to actually sit down and question what the hell I was doing, working all the hours under the sun and getting nowhere fast.

I took the opportunity to plan my future and change not only my business, but my attitude to being so 'hands-on' with everything. I really looked at the processes I did every day and worked out what I needed to do myself and what I could delegate. This was my first step to behaving like the boss of my business (and here's why you need to start doing this too).

In my situation, as for many of you I literally hand no money to pay anyone else and so I had to find a different way to solve the problem of cutting my workload down... this is where I stumbled across automation tools.

If you have watched the video so far you will have discovered that there are so many things you can do with automation to help save you time and so many ways they can work with very little effort from you. Need some ideas for your Craft Business specifically - check out 28 Easy To Set Up Automations For Craft Businesses.

When I started using automation tools I essentially saved myself time.

Saving time gave me the space to step back and look at my business.

This is the start of goal and strategy planning... which is the difference between where you are now and the successful version that your business could be!

When I applied this to my own business things changed over night and I rescued my sanity and my beloved Craft Business not only from ruin, which is where I surely would have ended up working as I was, but also from becoming stale. Over the 11 years I ran my business I took almost 7 figures in turnover and found a way to work in a 9-5 environment (excluding shows), giving me space to breathe... I coudl not have done this without automating parts of my process and business.

If you want more success for your Craft Business, but in a way that doesn't bury your soul in building it, then check out my free guide;

I have created this free guide as an email series where we will cover;

  1. The power of automation
  2. Powerful ways to increase your workflow
  3. Simple, but powerful systems that help organise your business

The aim is help you to save time for growth in your Craft Business.