28 Easy To Set Up Automations For Craft Businesses

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I recently created a new freebie for my coaching clients called, ‘Powerful Tools That Help Grow Your Business’ and one of those tools is Automation… the act of creating a simple system that responds to your client’s needs based on two types of trigger; time or action.

An example of a time trigger is; scheduling a newsletter for an up coming product launch and an example of an action trigger is; setting up an out of office email while you are away.

Both provide your customer with something they need, showing your high attention to customer service and most importantly for you, allows you time to work elsewhere in your business. This is really important if you want to grow and expand your sales.

Here’s the free guide for you;

In episode 3 of the Handmade Business Podcast I took this further to explain why automation isn’t a dirty word for craft businesses, especially if you make labour intensive products. You can watch this video again below;

Why automation isn’t a dirty word for Craft Businesses;

Hopefully by now I have your attention and you understand that automating parts of your business is a good thing, especially if you plan on growing your craft business today, tomorrow, or further down the line. In fact, I’d say automation is critical if you are a sole trader, because with just one pair of hands you need to keep up production to meet new demand.

I want to explore some ideas on some easy to set up automations you can implement today.

28 Easy To Set Up Automations for Craft Businesses

This list is a general list, so not everything may apply to you, but certainly have a look and see what might!

  1. Coupon newsletters
  2. Opt-in incentive for email sign ups
  3. Back in stock emails
  4. Post-sale emails with dispatch and delivery details
  5. Post-sale coupons
  6. Social media for a product launch/sale/event
  7. Event newsletters
  8. Weekly social media content schedule
  9. Featured products on your website
  10. Recently viewed products on your website
  11. Custom order emails with details on how the process works and delivery estimates
  12. Out of office replies with a coupon code for when you open again
  13. Pre-load shop updates to go live at a certain time
  14. Unpublish out of stock items
  15. Schedule sales
  16. Welcome messages for shopper communities, or your newsletter
  17. Reordering inventory notice, or an out of stock alert
  18. Stock or material order management system, so you can see what you need to order for your next production run
  19. Payment systems for event tickets (PayPal widget or otherwise)
  20. Segment customers on your newsletter lists by products bought, or website actions taken
  21. Loyalty rewards
  22. Listings (product) management system, so you can see what’s in stock and how items are selling
  23. Pre-calculate shipping costs based on multiple product orders
  24. Grant free shipping status to orders reaching your threshold
  25. Invoice management – sending invoices as emails to clients for you
  26. Financial and stat reports on site sales, traffic and actions
  27. Calculate VAT across Europe automatically
  28. RSS feeds from your blog as newsletters

These are just some of the simple things that can be automated in your craft business.

You may find that your shopping channel, or website provider has already created templates and systems for you… check them out… personalise them and get them into practise!

If you are looking for automation tools that I recommend, then check out my resources page.