How to Start A Craft Business - Tip 1: Have a Passion


The formula of a good craft business choice is this;


Passion + Knowledge + Commitment = Your Craft Business Idea


So, what is your Passion?

What sort of craft are you most passionate about?

Are you a card maker, or a jewellery-smith?

If the answer is for example, making clothes for children, then ask yourself if you think you have enough passion to make more than 100 of any one design? Or if you will enjoy customising designs for each child?

If you are a cartoonist and would like to make prints and greeting cards… do you have the passion to design fresh illustrations once a month, or once a quarter to launch a new collection?

Do you see what I’m getting at here? You need to enjoy a craft enough that it won’t kill your passion for it if you turned it into a business? The last thing you want is to tire of what you are making daily.

YOU are the epicentre of your new business and you will ultimately be the driving force. So, you need to feel happy and confident in your business choice and pick something that you can enjoy not only on day 1, but on day 1001 too!