Handmade Business Podcast Ep 6 - Facebook Comments (beating the Facebook Algorithm)

hbp ep 6a.jpg

Today we are talking all about the importance of Facebook comments in increasing our organic reach and therefore our brand awareness.

What is Facebook's 2018 Algorithm change?

January 11, 2018 Facebook announced changes to the way that the Facebook news-feed would show content. They did this in an article called, Bringing People Closer Together.

The main aim is seems is to focus on audience driven content, over and above other methods.

With this update, we will also prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. To do this, we will predict which posts you might want to interact with your friends about, and show these posts higher in feed. These are posts that inspire back-and-forth discussion in the comments and posts that you might want to share and react to – whether that’s a post from a friend seeking advice, a friend asking for recommendations for a trip, or a news article or video prompting lots of discussion.
— Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed at Facebook

The shift in focus of content means that friends and family come first, with those who we regularly engage with showing much higher in and more regularly on our feed.

Whilst this is great for the user, it does further inhibit Facebook business page reach and so for those of us with a low, or no budget to pay for ads (which Facebook will be showing less of anyway) it means we have to really rethink how we use Facebook to build our brand awareness.

To still be seen as important in our user's/clients feed we need to start creating engaging content, as we do this Facebook will show our content more regularly to those who comment on our posts and to those friends of friends who Facebook thinks might like to see our content.

In the podcast today I discuss a number of ways in which you can start to elicit more conversation from your followers and grow that organic reach... watch the video!

What do the results of my experiment (in the video) look like?

Here's an example;

organic reach on facebook.PNG

On this particular day I posted two pieces of content on Facebook. The first (at the bottom of the image) to say I'd be live later that morning. I didn't elicit any response it was simply and announcement.

The second piece of content was the actual live session, where I deliberately ask questions of my audience and respond live on air.

As you can see the organic reach (in yellow) on content 2 far outstrips content 1. We can see the increase is from a higher engagement because the blue and pink lines on the far right indicate engagement.

My aim from now on is to increase the volume of content that increases engagement, as so far I have doubled what I was getting before the algorithm changes took place.