Handmade Business Episode 007 – Video is King (create more engaging content for your customers)

🎥Today we are talking about video and how we can use it to increase social awareness for our craft businesses… please comment with your thoughts!

Why is video so important to businesses?

In a recent article in Opt In Monster, it was recorded by the Aberdeen Group that;

  • Video marketers get 66%* more qualified leads per year. (*Apologies I said 60% on the video.)

  • Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness.

This is not the only statistic out there that tells us just how strong video marketing has become.

How can I leverage video for my Craft Business?

Video doesn't need to be expensive or fully edited to be interesting and so we don't need to have special videography skills to engage with our customers. Instead video marketing is about telling and selling your story.

We already know that our customers buy into 'us', as we are our brands.

Video is a great way to share information about us, our products and our services first hand.

In fact for many of our online customers video is the next best thing to being with you in person and experiencing your products for themselves.

Types of content you can create;

In the video I talk about 4 different types of video that you can easily do on a low budget... you don't need any special equipment.

Don't worry I'll talk about fear in a moment!

Content types (I explain these in detail on the video);

  1. Tutorial - a step by step guide on how to do something. You don't necessarily need to be in front of the camera for this.

  2. Podcast - a recorded conversation where you talk directly to your customers, or show them around your business

  3. Process - more of a behind the scenes look at what you do, make or sell.

  4. A Design Reveal - a new product, or collection you have for sale and where to buy it.

In none of these videos am I asking you to give away design recipes. In fact I'm begging you not too!

I also recommend doing LIVE videos too, especially on Facebook... Facebook have been cited as saying that, 'live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos'... food for thought, especially as we have already discussed my own recent example in my last video about increasing engagement techniques on Facebook.

Youtube clip.png

Getting over your fear of video

Believe me I understand all to well how nervous you feel about making a video, or even being in front of the camera... while I might look 'together' in my live sessions I am extremely nervous about what you will think of the talking points I give, or sometimes even what you might think of me personally.


I can honestly say that in the main we are far removed from the days at school where someone would laugh if we pronounced a word wrong, instead people tend to show up because they want to hear what you have to say, or see what you want to show them... they turn up because they feel a connection to us.

My advice is to have a go.

You'll be pleasantly surprised that your customers are actually waiting to hear from you!

What tech do you use?

In the live session I was asked this and so I thought I'd add it as an addendum on the blog for everyone to benefit.

I use;

  • I use a tool called 'Any Video Converter' which has a free version to play with and that compacts my videos to something quicker to upload.

  • Cameras - my iphone and a logitech HD 1080p camera. I paid about £40-50 for it, so shop around. My live session video quality is based purely on my connection speeds here in Devon... the video it takes off-line are fab, so if I were doing an edited version of the podcast it would look better.

  • Editing software is Movie Maker (free on PC) and you can use iMovie on a Mac/Apple device.

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