3 reasons to use a sketchbook, or a notepad for your Craft Business

3 reasons to use a sketchbook, or a notepad for your Craft Business.jpg
Image by My Indie Life Blog

Image by My Indie Life Blog

I honestly find that having a space to write notes or doodle design ideas is really useful for us creative types and I think it’s especially useful if you run your own creative business.

When I ran Sara’s Texture Crafts I had a sketchbook and a notepad and used them for capturing different thoughts and ideas. Whether you use one type of recording process or another it is very important that you do actually record those thoughts and ideas for your business.

This is where I feel they can help the most;

  1. Recording – sketchbooks and notepads are a great way to record research, costings and ideas. When you come to plan your next product line, or even a marketing strategy you have a bunch of ideas and thoughts at your fingertips.
  2. Realisation – When you have a record of ideas and musings about how to do something, when it comes to the actual ‘doing’ you already have half the work done, so planning a new season’s collection is so much easier when you have a record of what the collection should look like, how you think you might market it and what your costings were, so you can work on a retail package.
  3. Development – I find recording processes and research aids help learning and so I regularly include tips and information I pick up along the way in my notes. I believe the act of recording it helps me take it in better, but if I don’t then I have a record of that great tip I learnt at …, or who to contact when I have produced ‘x’. All these little things help me develop a new strand to my self-education and my business.

Watch episode 10 of The Handmade Business Podcast to find out more about exactly how I use mine!

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