Handmade Business Podcast Ep 5 - Etsy Plus

Today we are talking about Etsy Plus, so join in and let me know what you think!

Sara x

What is Etsy Plus?

Etsy Plus is a new subscription package which starts at $10 per month (increasing to $20 on Dec 31st 2018). It is open to all Etsy Sellers there is no criteria for application.

The idea is that revenue received by Etsy from subscription packages such as Etsy Plus will ultimately help pay for and develop specific seller tools and support systems at Etsy HQ. It will also increase funding for marketing and site traffic generation projects.

Etsy Plus provide you with tools to jump-start growth for those who want to take their shop to the next level. These features and perks come bundled together for subscribers of Etsy Plus:

* A monthly budget of credits for listings and Promoted listings ads
*Access to a discount on a custom web address for your Etsy shop
*Restock requests for shoppers interested in your items that have sold out
*Advanced shop customisation options
*Access to discounts on custom packaging and promotional material like boxes, business cards, and signage
— Etsy

So should I consider the Etsy Plus package for my Craft Business?

My best advice on this is to consider a few things... now all of which I talk more about in the video above, but let me bullet point my advice here for you too.

The most important things to consider before subscribing to Etsy Plus;

  1. Finances - Are you making enough profit to be able to affford this new service?

  2. Value for money - are teh subscription inclusions worth teh money for you? For example do you need branded packaging at teh stage of business you are at

  3. Costs of third party services - can you get these cheaper elsewhere, saving you money that you might otherwise waste on a subscrition package?

  4. Your future plans on Etsy - do you plan to stay there long-term?

Let me know what your thoughts are on Etsy Plus in the comments and if you have tried it what do you think?

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