Handmade Business Episode 010 – Notepads & Sketchbooks

🎥Today we are talking about the importance of keeping records of our research and design inspiration. We’ll also be covering two ways you can do that – notepads and sketchbooks… please comment with your thoughts!


Podcast talking points

  • As creative beings our brains work almost like magpies, flitting from one idea to the next and sometimes we treat our businesses like that to.
  • To avoid stifling that creativity and to avoid missing a business trick I recommend getting into the habit of recording things
  • I used two tools the most in my craft business; notepads and sketchbooks
  • Here’s the difference in how I use them;


  • Learning
  • To do lists
  • Marketing ideas
  • Supplier research
  • Customer and competitor research
  • Planning 


  • Design ideas
  • Detail workings
  • Swatches and material research
  • Sample modifications, process, recipes and costings
  • Range design 


  • I used them with my pinboards because they helped me create a plan of action much more quickly and clearly
  • Great future reference material
  • Types of book I prefer to use are; hardback for traveling with and small enough to fit in my pocket

hbp ep 10a.jpg

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