Handmade Business Episode 011 – Work-Life Balance

🎥Today we are talking about work-life balance and why it is so important that we strive for the dream we had when we started working for ourselves… please comment with your thoughts!

Podcast talking points

  • Work-life balance is the equilibrium we strive for, between our dedication to our career and the commitments of our home life. So, it’s striving for a sense of harmony between the two that ultimately brings us a sense of happiness and maybe even contentment.
  • Ask yourself why you started working for yourself? What was your dream? I bet it wasn’t working all the hours under the sun for little self-reward!

5 benefits of work-life balance

  1. Your health and well-being will improve
  2. You’ll be more productive
  3. You actually enjoy work
  4. You’ll have more ‘you’ time
  5. And you’ll stop missing out!

When we feel down about work vs life its because part of the puzzle isn’t working, and the scales are tipped. We must sit back and take notice of that and try to rebalance.

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