How To Start A Craft Business - Tip 2: Know your knowledge


We know that a good craft business choice is made up of;


Passion + Knowledge + Commitment = Your Craft Business Idea


So, what is your Knowledge base?

I always recommend that you know something about the craft around which you want to start a business. Specialising your knowledge base can be learned on the way, but there needs to be a good level of understanding your product from day one. This is because your customers will have lots of questions for you, not just on specific products, but on how best to use them.

You should always be on hand to inform and inspire.

When I started Sara’s Texture Crafts I came from a fashion and textile background, so starting with haberdashery craft products was a good fit for me. When I became more specialist and moved into the wool textile market I needed to upskill my knowledge base, so I learnt how to felt, spin and weave. I also revisited knitting after a long break and learnt some very basic crochet. This stood me in excellent stead to not only sell my new products to my customers, but to inspire them with project ideas and new products they hadn’t yet used. The added advantage for me in specialising in the way I did was that I came from a level of textile understanding, so moving into wool was not a giant leap to me. If I have suddenly started making and selling beauty products instead you can see how much my business might have struggled.