Be fearless and join the Craft Biz Incubator now!

I want you to ask yourself this… where will you be next year if you don’t take a chance?

Will you be stuck making little to no sales, or struggling to make ends meet like you are today?

Will you be throwing away cash on a website, or Etsy fees with little traffic to even try to make a sale from?

Or will you roll up your sleeves and do what you need to do to make it work?!

Introducing the Craft Biz Incubator

Early Bird special £15 per month*

or £165 per year (1 month free)

My Story

I ran a craft business called Sara's Texture Crafts for 11 years before I sold it in 2017. In that time, I learnt a lot, from what not to do (yes, I'm super honest about my mistakes) to exactly what to do to take my business from my original £100 investment into almost 7-figures of turn-over in 11 years... and no crazy hours involved either!

When I first started out it was tough, I had no idea how to run a business, or how to make this thing grow… and I struggled, because there was no guide!

It wasn’t until later when I really started to feel more confident and that was because I had learned what I needed to do, but trial and error, taking courses, reading books and consuming all the free stuff.

I worked out a system of growth for craft businesses that I now teach to others.

I have created the Craft Biz Incubator to help others follow their creative dreams and make their craft a full-time job.

So, if you find yourself still thinking;

'I wish I knew how to start a craft business that actually makes money.'

'I wish I had a step by step guide on how to take my craft business full-time.'

'I want to understand exactly what I need to do next in my business to make it a success.'

'I want to earn a living doing what I do best, not in some office job that someone thinks I should have.'

Then the Craft Biz Incubator is the place for you!


What is the Craft Biz Incubator?

By May 2017 I had officially sold Sara’s Texture Crafts, after 11 years and almost 7 figures of turnover and launched My Indie Life Blog to the world as a coaching and course-led business for craft entrepreneurs… that’s you! Since then I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing creatives to develop their business further. Meet Caroline who turned her 8k annual turnover into 24k using my coaching program!

The one thing that was missing for me in this new 1-2-1 venture was a community space where you could network with other creatives in an encouraging environment, built to help you hone your skills and your business. Community was so important to me as a creative business owner and my connections were relationships I cherished, so giving that to you was now my concern.

I’ve been working away and building that platform for the last seven months… Introducing the Craft Biz Incubator!

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The Craft Biz Incubator in a nut-shell;

✅ Learn business skills while you earn

✅ Access to group coaching

✅ Community for networking and motivation


It’s everything I wish I had when I started out and while I was learning how to be successful.

When you join you are immediately immersed in an on-line community space built for craft business owners and makers with the aim of growth, development and support.

1 - Learn while you earn

·         Get access to; Online eBooks, courses and training designed to help you develop your business skills.

·         Get access to; Planners and worksheets to help you get organised.

·         Get access to e-copies of the quarterly My Craft Biz magazine

2 - Access to Sara

·         With; Monthly LIVE classes/Q&As, weekly office hour chats and dedicated email support.

3 - Private Community

·         Get access to; weekly chat threads, group challenges and resource swaps.


PLUS - Exclusive access to 'Fearless Year of Growth', a 12-month course designed to boost your business (worth £1,800).

Early Bird special £15 per month*

or £165 per year (1 month free)

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How it is set up to help you

The Craft Biz Incubator is a membership site. Each time you log in you will have access to learning tools and the community space. You work at your own speed, but with bursts of inspiration from me and the community to keep you motivated.

So, you can;

  • Earn while you learn

  • Network with other makers

  • Gain from the successes I have had with other coaching clients - one coaching client has already turned 8k turnover into 24k!

I have only a handful of spaces available in this enrolment, so grab your space before the doors close.


Early Bird special £15 per month*

or £165 per year (1 month free)

Join the Craft Biz Incubator during the Early Bird price and you will never pay a penny more than your sign-up fee per month (before VAT) for the lifetime of your membership!* So no matter how many times I raise the price in the future, your fees never go up!!

This discount offer ends on the 5th of April, where the membership fees will rise to £18 per month, or £198 per year.

Fees will NEVER be this low again!

If you have any questions about how the Craft Biz Incubator might work for you, then drop your comments below, or email me here.

If you are a 1-2-1 coaching client then the Craft Biz Incubator was designed to sit alongside our tailored sessions, so that you can dip into extra tools to grow faster!

*Early Bird membership fees are £15 per month plus VAT (if applicable), or £165 per year plus VAT. When you sign up the fee before VAT (if applicable) will not change during the lifetime of your membership. If you do choose to leave and then re-join the membership you will have to pay the going rate of the day you choose to re-join.

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