10 Creative Hashtags to use on Instagram RIGHT NOW!

Instagram is a fast-growing social network where creatives love to hang out and post photos of their work. It’s also a great place to market those pieces you have for sale and so if you are a small business it’s time to start thinking about how to effectively use your Instagram account for better website traction and sales.

Struggling to get noticed on Instagram? Today on the podcast I’m going to share 10 Instagram hashtags that I have found that might be useful for you in order to start getting noticed!

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The simple way to look for new Instagram hashtags

As of June 2018 there were 1 billion users on Instagram, making it one of the biggest and fastest growing social media platforms after Facebook, according to HubSpot. To put that figure into perspective in 2013 Instagram had just 9 million users! So, the importance of having a business presence on Instagram is becoming more and more important.

But with all of those users how easy is it to get found?

The answer is in two things; Firstly, content and secondly use of hashtags.

Finding the right Instagram hashtags to use can take a bit of time, but the simplest way to do that is to use the Instagram search function.

Open the app and select the spy glass icon at the bottom of the page. This will take you through to the platforms search function.

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Select the tags bar – this will show you the tags that are related to your upcoming search.

Type a word into the search bar that is reflective of your craft, or creative outlet. In this case I’m using the term ‘creative’ to highlight hashtags I can use for today’s list (see below).

As you type, accounts and tags will show up in the search bar. Under each tag you will be able to see how many posts that tag currently has.

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When you have found a hashtag you want to explore, then select it and go through to the hashtag screen.

Here you have an option to follow that Instagram hashtag if you wish images from that tag to show up in your feed on a daily basis.

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What I prefer to do next is to take a look at the posts being made under this hashtag to assess if it is apt for me to use.

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From here I create a list of hashtags I wish to try out in the future, to see if they make an impact on my post reach, likes and engagement.


10 creative Instagram hashtags to use RIGHT NOW!

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Here is the list of 10 hashtags I found during my search for creative Instagram hashtags;

  1. #handmade (165m posts)

  2. #etsyseller *(10.8m posts)

  3. #smallbusiness (22.2m posts)

  4. #crafty (3.7m posts)

  5. #handmadeisbetter (2.3m)

  6. #creatives (2.2m posts)

  7. #creativepreneur (1.3m)

  8. #handmadecrafts (545k)

  9. #creativebusiness (541k posts)

  10. #handmadeshop (430k posts)


Just a quick note on Instagram Hashtags;

  • Hashtags will go in and out of fashion, so make sure that you update your research regularly. I use a note pad to make sure that I have my findings written down. When it comes to making my next social media plan I have my research to help me make a more effective post that will reach more of the right audience for my content, and/or products.

  • Hashtags should be used with relevance to be effective in encouraging views. Avoid using high performing tags if they do not meet the criteria of your individual piece of social content.



Using Instagram hashtags is a must to help you increase organic reach (a wider audience for free), so it is worthwhile spending time researching tags that might be useful for you to use. However, be careful how you use them, because whilst getting more views is one thing on Instagram, we actually want to increase followers, engagement and website click-through’s… so make sure you remember relevance!

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Tell me; Do you struggle finding the right hashtags? Or is something else about Instagram puzzling you? I’d love to know your thoughts – comment below! 👇

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