5 Excellent Reasons why Etsy SEO Helps You Sell More

SEO is short for search engine optimisation and it’s the practice by which you help search engines find your website, blog, or products online and share them with the right potential customers, by becoming visible in the right search engine results.

This practice of creating organic leads from search engines for your business is not a new one, but instead an ever-evolving tactic we, as sellers need to keep on top of. What we often forget is that we can use very similar SEO rules to help promote our products on selling platforms also. So, Etsy SEO is very important to understand.

Wait, you don’t know what Etsy SEO is? Let me show you in the latest issue of My Craft Biz Magazine!

5 Excellent Reasons why Etsy SEO Helps You Sell More

How does Etsy SEO work?

Etsy SEO works in a very similar way to search engine SEO, in that if you provide the right keyword information in your titles, tags and product descriptions, then you are far more likely to be picked up by the Etsy algorithm (Etsy’s tool for selecting the right things to show their customers under customer search) and shown in more relevant searches. This increases your opportunity to sell.


Why do I need to care about Etsy SEO?

Etsy has become a much more difficult place to sell your product, just like selling online generally. This is because of the vast growth and ease of online retailing. Not only is an online store easy to set up, but ecommerce has lower overheads than traditional bricks and mortar stores, so even the larger retail companies and highstreet stores are moving towards a bigger ecommerce investment.

The other trend in online retailing is ‘omni-channel retailing’, which means selling your products on more than one platform, be it; eBay, Amazon, your own website, or more niche sites, like Etsy, Folksy, etc. Even social media is now getting in on the act, by becoming more transactional and allowing your followers to buy direct from you ‘in app’. So, more sellers are considering sites like Etsy to provide them with a further revenue stream and if you consider the changes Etsy made to their seller terms back in 2015; allowing commercially manufactured designer products onsite, it means that even more sellers now view Etsy as a perfectly viable platform to now sell on.

There’s a really interesting article by Big Commerce that looks into Generational Shopping Behaviour and talks extensively about the findings they had from 3,000 surveys on the topic of modern ecommerce. It shows you just how younger generations use omni-channels to interact and buy from brands and why an omni-channel approach is becoming an important part of our online sales strategy. This further highlights why so many design companies may now view sites like Etsy as a viable way to connect and sell to their potential audience. Etsy has over 1.98 million sellers!

With all of this in mind you can see why learning to stand out on a platform like Etsy, is a good strategy. Not only does it help your products get found, but once set up correctly (and tweaked regularly) it can really help you to sell on ‘autopilot’, while you manage several platforms at once.

Need more convincing?


5 reasons why using SEO on Etsy is helpful for sales

  1. Helps you show up in front of the right people – Using the right keywords to describe your products and to pitch to your desired audience means that Etsy will pick up your product and show it in the most ‘relevant’ search results to their customers. If you get found in search, then the first part of your sales battle with competition is won, because I guarantee that most of your competition doesn’t have a good enough SEO strategy!

  2. Drives traffic which is like selling on autopilot – If you have a mechanism in place to get found easily by the right customer base, then more people are likely to click through to view your products, or your shop.

  3. Etsy products appear on Google – Etsy care about showing up on Google, because good onsite SEO, means that they attract more ranking power on Google above other handmade and designer shopping sites. This in turn means more traffic from search engines to the Etsy platform and hey, if you sell your products, then Etsy makes their fees!

  4. Helps you get found by influencers/press – it’s not just shoppers that use Etsy on a regular basis. There is a world of influencers and magazines trying to find new and exciting things to show their readers. I myself have had press enquiries from just showing up on Etsy’s search engine while magazines have been looking for trends they want to write about.

  5. Better SEO means better user experience – Customers love to shop from people they trust and online trust is initially built through user experience! If you are making the effort to share your products in the right searches on Etsy (or Google), then people aren’t going to see your product advert as SPAM, or non-relevant, instead they are much more likely to throw your product advert into their decision making process when it comes to buying.

What do I need to invest in Etsy SEO?

Working on your Etsy SEO is FREE.

Yes, there are plenty of tools out there that you can invest in and some will vastly improve your SEO with little effort from you, because you are paying the system creators to stay on top of changes to the Etsy algorithm.


You can certainly start out by doing this for yourself… so financially it is free, but it does need time and understanding.


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Thank you for reading! I hope that was helpful?

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