My Simple Hack for Holiday Marketing Prep

Preparing my business for the holiday season is going to be a busy moment this year and just like you I have marketing I NEED to do!

What I thought would be good is to show you that I practise exactly what I preach by starting a new series on holiday marketing and showing you behind the scenes of my holiday marketing prep here at HQ.

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Here’s where I’m starting with my holiday marketing prep

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Now if you have a craft business, as many of your reading this will have you may think – ‘Hey, is this really useful to me?’ The answer is yes!

This is because the basics of planning your marketing strategy really isn’t that different from business to business. So, read on and let me share my process with you.

If you feel like you really need some extra help turning your marketing efforts into credible sales this year, then you should join me over in the Craft Biz Incubator, where I am waiting to coach you through it.

My simple hack for holiday marketing prep

This year my holiday marketing prep is centred around two things; firstly my books, which I believe will make great stocking fillers and secondly the Craft Biz Incubator (CBI), which I feel is perfect for anyone who wants to take their business seriously in 2020.

With that in mind I don’t mind telling you that it can start to feel a little overwhelming to think about just how much work that might encompass!

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To get a handle on that feeling, before I spin out of control, I like to sit down and take a moment to start planning. To break it down into smaller chunks of work that are simple, effective and thought through.

The easiest way I have found to do this is to get out a pin board and start brainstorming.

Using pinboards is something I have talked a lot about here on the blog and you can find out more about why I use pinboards in a previous podcast episode here.

In this case I’ll divide my holiday marketing prep pinboard into two areas; one for book marketing and one for CBI marketing.

Under each division I will start to work on two things;

  • The aim of my marketing project – in this case it’s sales, so I will add a sales target.

  • The channels I wish to use – in this case I’ve chosen to use a combination of internal marketing; social media, newsletters and shows and then external marketing which will include things like; press features, interviews, written articles, etc.

At this point I tend to feel a little freaked out, especially if I’m self-imposing a push for press… that’s way out of my comfort zone!

I need to remind myself of something Gary Vee recently said on Instagram;

I’m unbelievably okay with not achieving my goals. I’m not okay with not trying.
— Gary Vaynerchuck

He continues this though by adding, “Effort matters. Don’t say “No” to yourself. I’m fascinated at people’s ability to talk themselves out of things.”

This is so right; I deserve the rewards of trying to reach my marketing goal this holiday season and I must dedicate my work to TRYING to achieve them.

And you do too, so join me in making a plan!

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of holiday marketing prep, I’ll spend a little bit of time doing some research and really being creative with my marketing ideas… after all, if we don’t take this moment early on, then we may just end up trying the same old boring content creation techniques… and we don’t want to bore our audience to tears, am I right?!


Here are some tips on research ideas;

  1. Watch social media ads from competitors

  2. Look through social sites like Instagram and Facebook to see what is happening in your market

  3. Look on Pinterest too

  4. Go back through what you have used in holiday marketing previously and see what worked and what didn’t

  5. Watch your customers, what are they buying, who are they following, do they have a problem your product can solve?

And always ask yourself, ‘what does my research tell me?’


Once I’ve got this locked down my holiday marketing prep can turn to what discounts or incentives if any I will be offering.

Next time here on the podcast I’ll be helping you establish a simple holiday marketing plan and giving you 5 marketing ideas to get you started on your content creation.


Pin me!

Pin me!


Your holiday marketing prep doesn’t have to be ‘I’ll fly by the seat of my pants again this year’. Set aside some time to sit down and work out how you are going to approach this beast of an opportunity, because this is where you will maximise your sales push.

Here are the simple steps I take before I go into marketing content creation;

  1. Get a pinboard (you can use a note pad) and write on it what your marketing goal is, with a target you want to push for

  2. Write down which channels you wish to use (internal, or external)

  3. Remember that reward only comes from trying

  4. Do some research

  5. Write down what incentives you plan to give

When you have caught up with the show tell me; What product are you marketing for the holiday season?

I’d love to hear from you – comment below 👇 or email me!

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