How to Stop Social Media Crickets This Holiday Season

If you have been following along with my holiday marketing series this month you will already have an idea of how I do things and the kind of content I know will serve you well, in the quest to procure more sales this Christmas.

You can catch up on the story so far here;

Today on the blog and the podcast I want to give you one last reminder, in order to help you avoid what could potentially be social media crickets for you when your competitors are shining like beacons in the online winter market.

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The easy way to avoid social media crickets this holiday season

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There are really just a few key things you need to remember in order to create engagement with your social media following and yet there are so many things to avoid, it feels like a never-ending struggle to keep followers entertained and taking action.

A while ago I wrote an article here on the blog called, ‘10 Reasons Why No-One Is Following Your Social Media Account’ - if you are really struggling on the day to day to get audience engagement I recommend you start there, because this will help you look at your marketing platforms differently.

Once you have a grip on how social media serves your marketing, then it’s a good idea to concentrate on building a quality following.

And from here it is about planning your content to;

  1. Emotionally connect – particularly during the holiday season emotional purchases and impulse buys (which we know to be very closely linked) are at an all year high. So, think about how you can connect with your audience on a level that will help you create an emotional heart-tug when people think about your brand and products.

  2. Build the know, like and trust factor – your social media audience is much more likely to become buyers if they have formed a positive relationship with your brand.

  3. Be conversational – social media crickets will happen if you are posting content that doesn’t beg engagement. Remember ‘likes’ are out and it’s all about comments, shares and saves. Think about how you can elicit that from your audience.

  4. Be inclusive -  people want to be invited in to a conversation, so do that… don’t just encourage your friends and family to engage, but everyone.

  5. Create chat – social media is about being social… so even if you aren’t feeling like you want to chat, you need too and you should be doing this on follower accounts too, not just your own. Encouraging direct messages, or ‘DMs’ is a great way to keep up with followers and build a relationship that will keep your brand top of mind when they come to purchase the types of products you make.


The best way to keep engagement going through the holidays while you take a break

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At some point you will want to take some time off, especially if you have been busting a gut shipping orders out on time for Christmas deliveries! How do you do that and still keep social media engagement going?

Pre-planning your holiday marketing shouldn’t just be about the lead up to your last day of business before the holidays, it should also include the period after, in my opinion. Why? Because this is the time when people have ‘Christmas money’ to spend and in my experience, it can be a nice way to make a few extra sales to consumers before you get back to work.

I’m going to be honest here the week between Christmas and New Year can be really slow, which is why I chose very early on to close my business for a week’s holiday… that and to decompress after what can feel like the ‘rush-shipping hell’ just the week before! But it can still be worth it financially if you have the right product mix available to sell over the holidays and in order to help you sell that product you need to keep your social media and other marketing platforms ticking along.

In my opinion, the best way to do that is to create a content plan for the week and schedule it just as you have your pre-holiday plan, allowing it to drip feed through to your social media platforms. Unless I’m going away, I might answer a few DMs, or comments during that week, but mostly I limit that engagement time to a very limited exhaustion of my personal and family time. I do this in a way that makes it clear that I won’t be around as much, but the content I promote is by enlarge personal snaps, customer photos and general warm-fuzzy quotes, or graphics. It’s not a salesy time of the year for me, so I’m less salesy in my strategy, but it is in there. This year for example I will be promoting the Craft Biz Incubator, because sign ups for the new year will be open. In previous years, when I ran Sara’s Texture Crafts my sales content referred to my boxing day to new year sale, or digital books and patterns I didn’t have to ship in order to sell.

Have a think about what your pitch might be.

The most important thing is that you have continuity of out going content, even if it is scaled down, because it is so much harder to get the wheels of marketing working again if you have come to a complete halt.



The holiday season is prime time to be seen with your marketing, especially as all of your competitors will be out there shouting about what they have for sale and what their special seasonal offering might be. In fact, it is without a doubt the busiest time online for sales. Avoiding stale social media engagement is the one thing that needs to be top of your mind in order to carve out your own sales this season.

Tell me; Do you have your Christmas marketing plan in place? I’d love to hear from you – comment below 👇 or email me!


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