Craft Directories: How to get listed on Indie Untangled

Getting listed in online web directories can be a very helpful thing, as I found out when I ran Sara’s Texture Crafts. This is because online directories are a great way to reach a larger audience and to get a little Google SEO kickback.

When you are considering finding craft directories to list your website, or Etsy shop’s URL on there are two things to consider;

  1. Does the craft directory in question have good authority in the industry I serve?

  2. Is my target customer using this site to search for products like mine?

Most craft directories will typically charge an up front fee, but after that as long as your listing was created with SEO in mind your feature and link can have a lasting value to it.

Today on the blog I wanted to start exploring craft directories with our first feature; Indie Untangled.

Let’s meet Lisa Chamoff, founder of Indie Untangled, who is here to tell us about this exciting yarn industry directory…

how to get listed on indie untangled
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Image copyright Indie Untangled

Image copyright Indie Untangled

How did you come up with the idea of Indie Untangled and get it started?

The idea sprang from conversations I was having with friends who were yarn dyers and makers in the fiber industry about how hard it was becoming to stand out on handmade marketplaces and the challenges of driving traffic to their own websites. This was in 2013, before Instagram was such a big part of retail. At the same time, I was almost exclusively buying hand-dyed yarn, but was frustrated when I’d find out about a shop update that a popular dyer was having and everything was sold out. I had a background as a newspaper reporter (and still work as a freelance journalist) and knew how to “break news,” but I worked with a web design and development firm, Aeolidia, to create the website. 

Image copyright Indie Untangled. Work by Sew Happy Jane.

Image copyright Indie Untangled. Work by Sew Happy Jane.

What makes Indie Untangled so different from other craft directories?

The difference is that I encourage dyers and makers to tell the stories behind their products. It’s one thing to show your logo or photos of your yarn; it’s another thing to share that the yarn was inspired by the tulips that started blooming when the dyer brought her newborn daughter home from the hospital (just one recent example: pictured).

I also send out that week’s “news” in a newsletter every Friday. Many makers schedule their shop updates around the newsletter. 


How can vendors join the directory?

They fill out the vendor submissions form when they have new products or designs to share:

The post comes to me as a draft and I do a light edit and make sure everything looks good before publishing it to the marketplace.


What are the directory fees?

It’s $1 to post with one photo, $4 to post with 2-6 photos, $20 to upgrade your post to be featured on the home page and the Indie Untangled Instagram feed and $40 for a newsletter feature, which leads the Friday newsletter.

Image copyright Indie Untangled. Work by Lambstrings Yarn

Image copyright Indie Untangled. Work by Lambstrings Yarn


What are your aims with Indie Untangled going forward?

Indie Untangled is perhaps most well known as the Friday kickoff event to the popular NY Sheep & Wool Festival, which started in 2014 when I gathered about a dozen dyers and makers who posted to the marketplace for a small shopping event. Last year, it expanded to 32 vendors and more than 1,300 attendees. In February, I hosted a small pop-up shopping event in Portland, Oregon, and in March I hosted the designer Andrea Mowry for a live interview at a theater in Brooklyn. I’m hoping to expand the events and help introduce crafters to the folks in our industry so they can see their work in person and get to know them, beyond their online brands. 

If you are in the yarn industry please go and check out Indie Untangled, because this site is a lot more than your standard directory!

A big thank you to Lisa Chamoff for allowing me to feature her business here on the blog.

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