Want To Grow Your Online Business In 2019? This Is How!

Confucius said, “A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.” This isn’t just true for every day life, but for business as well.

Whilst 2019 feels like a long way off, the truth is that planning now will be a game changer for you when it comes to growth. Today on the podcast we will be talking all about how to plan for the growth of your online business in 2019.

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Why Planning for online business growth works

When I talk about planning I know that some of my listeners (and readers here on the blog) will want to curl into a ball and sing, la-la-la until I stop talking, because for them planning is boring and stuffy… not something an uber creative mind will want to tackle. Afterall creatives are sporadic and free-flowing, their creativity comes from avoiding the mainstream confines of everyday life and embracing what exists beyond that.

Let me ask those of you who feel this way… do you honestly think that the most successful artists aren’t planners? Take a closer look. I bet you can spot trends in the types of promotions they do around new products they list. This is planned promotion. And just as they plan their marketing, they also have a plan for their online business. In fact I can guarantee they know what they want from 2019 already!

So here’s why I believe planning for growth works;

  1. You can assess risks and tackle opportunities before and as you get to them

  2. You are more likely to take the right actions when you have a plan in place

  3. You can improve your performance by calculating ahead of time what actions are the perfect actions

  4. This means you are more likely to get better results and reap bigger rewards

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So what does a growth plan for my online business look like?

OK I’m gonna get nerdy here… Here’s my formula for a growth plan;


Growth plan =

(what you want from your business + better business practices + increased knowledge about how to run a business)

* repeated and committed action


So the basics of this formula are this;

  • What you want from your business – at this point even if you haven’t yet started your online business you have a dream of what that business looks like and if you do have a business you have a dream of what a more successful version of your business looks like. I want you to write that down and keep it clear in your mind, because this is going to be your driving force for 2019.

  • Better business practices – Once you know what you want from your online business you are much clearer on the difference between where you want to be and where you are now with things. So, if you know that marketing is a problem for you, then this is what you need to increase this year, or if you want to expand your sales on to an Etsy shop alongside your own business, then that is something you need to tackle this coming year. Whatever it is, write that down too.

  • Increased knowledge about how to run a business – In writing down what you need to increase or improve upon you can already start to see where your knowledge gaps are. This is something else you are going to have to tackle this year for your online business. Get that on your list too.

Once you have this list written out, what you need next is repeated and committed action. This is where you will start to see things coming together throughout 2019. If you show up in a regular and committed way and strive to do your upmost to work your way through your to do list, then honestly no matter how big or small the result, it’s a result you wouldn’t have gotten any other way. What’s more is that result will have meaning, because you will have an understanding of where it came from and how to quantify it against your original 2019 vision.



Even the simplest of plans with committed action is a stride towards the results you want for your online business. This is exactly what those more successful businesses around you are doing… they are planning and taking action, repeatedly.

Believe me when I say that there will be parts of your plan that feel scary to tackle, I know… I’m exactly the same with my own 2019 plan.


I promise you, with some dogged determination and the willingness to learn you can absolutely do it.




·         My Craft Biz eZine Issue 3, ‘Planning for 2019’ – this issue is packed with detailed advice on how to create your 2019 plan and how to work on your mindset, so that you will commit to the work ahead of you.

·         1-2-1 Craft Business Coaching – I offer 1-2-1 sessions for those who need them. We talk for about 30 minutes a month and I help you plan your best strategy for growth. You also get dedicated email support, so if you get stuck, or are struggling to achieve your goals for the month I’m there to help, drawing from my 11 years of experience running my own successful craft business.


What do you currently do to plan for each business year? Let me know in the comments and tell me how it’s worked for you so far.

Thank you for watching! I hope that was helpful?

If you have any questions or comments, please pop them in the comment section below.