Shipping Packages 101: 10 of the best promotion ideas

Yesterday on the podcast we were talking about setting up a simple shipping system for our craft business, but in the podcast we didn’t have time to cover everything about what makes up a professional shipping package. Today I want to cover what was missing as a separate post, because this is where we can include marketing and product advertisement.

Amazon shipped 5 billion Prime orders in 2017 according to Business Wire and with every order they send out at least the delivery note. Imagine if in every single package they also included a promotion for a related product? That’s 5 billion marketing opportunities for increased sales!

Here are some of my favourite promotion ideas for your packages, because I know that you need to start taking your sales lead generation more seriously.

shipping promotion ideas

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10 of the best promotion ideas for shipping packages

With every opportunity we intend to create through our promotion ideas we need to make sure that firstly we have the budget to be consistent with it and secondly that it fits our audience. In the past I have received several promotional gifts in packages that bear no relation to my thought on buying more goods from that retailer… so choose your marketing opportunity wisely and hone it to your market, this is where true sales lead generation happens.

  1. Discount offer on repeat orders – spice up an invoice by adding a coupon code for returning custom or create a business card sized card with a repeat order code on it. If you have an Etsy shop you can do this directly from your dashboard, so that they print on your receipts and you can send it as a promotional email after the sale.

  2. Discount offer on sale items – offer an exclusive discount on sale items. It’s a great way to extend a special offer and free up old stock.

  3. Offer exclusive products for registered customers – depending on how complex your eCommerce website is you may be able to offer a private shopping area for returning customers (with accounts) to shop from as well. If this is more difficult then I used to offer exclusives through my newsletter. Either way you will need a flyer for your shipping packages to share this promotion idea with your customer.

  4. Product samples – small samples of new products are always exciting for customers to receive. Some of the soap making businesses I buy from do this regularly by sending small slivers (essentially off cuts) of new soaps for me to try. I used to do it with some of my wool fibre for felt makers and spinners to try.

  5. Product catalogue/postcard – If you have a new product, or even a whole new product line then consider having some promotional material made up that helps you sell your wares to your customers. Most likely you have something like this for your craft show customers, so including them in shipping packages may not be a completely unrealistic idea for you.

  6. Swag – Swag usually refers to branded promotional products, like free pens at banks. So say you sell hand dyed yarns, you could make branded tape measures. If you were a yoga teacher selling yoga retreats you could send a free branded water bottle with a welcome package for your retreat guests.

  7. Small gifts – Usually small gifts differ from branded swag, because they usually compliment your business, but are not branded, or made by you. For example a promotional idea here could be including a hot chocolate sachet with your winter themed ceramic mugs. Make sure your promotional idea relates to the use of your product and enhances your perceived ‘thoughtfulness’ though, because this is what will stand out to your customer.

  8. Thank you card, or personal notes – possibly the least expensive promotional idea you could implement is a thank you note. It’s as easy as writing something personal on your customer’s sales receipt!

  9. Share on social media request – a great way to help you market your business further is not just by encouraging another sale, but by encouraging a word-of-mouth referral. We talked about why this is so important on the podcast recently.

  10. Offer loyalty points for registering customers – encouraging return custom doesn’t always mean pointing your customers to a specific product or service. It could be that you choose to promote loyalty generally on a flyer. A loyalty points system for registered customers is a great way to do this.



Promotional ideas should lead to an opportunity to create a future sales lead. It doesn’t have to be expensive for you financially, but it should be valuable to your customers to entice them to repeat their custom with you.

Remember you have done the hard work and made the first sale with them. Your shipping packages is where you get an opportunity to encourage a further sale.



Here are some services I have used in the past;


What do you currently include in your packages as promotion ideas? Let me know in the comments and tell me how it’s worked for you.

Thank you for reading! I hope that was helpful, or at least thought provoking?

If you have any questions or comments, please pop them in the comment section below.