How to be MORE EFFECTIVE on social media in LESS TIME!

how to be more effective on social media in less time

One of the questions I get asked A LOT is how to be more effective on social media in less time.

I totally understand where you are coming from, because if you are anything like me, then the thought of doing yet more marketing is making you feel stressed, overwhelmed and sometimes even sick! That’s because we just don’t know how we can fit ‘more’ into our days especially as better marketing should lead to more sales and more sales means more production.

We have only one pair of hands, right?! So how do we cope with doing more?

Today on the podcast I want to help you tackle that by looking at scheduling social content in a way that will help you feel more in control, more organised and ultimately more effective on social media.


Why do we need to focus on social media to sell more products?

Social media has become one of the easiest ways to connect with our customers over the last ten years, especially if we sell online. It allows us to bring our brands and our products into someone else’s life daily and with little spend. For small businesses and micro, or solo set-ups this has become a really great way to compete with larger brands and retailing giants who can afford to pay for online advertising.

According to SproutSocial, in 2019 “Social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases with 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through the channel.

Image copyright Sprout Social

Image copyright Sprout Social

With this in mind it seems silly to not concentrate our marketing efforts firstly on social marketing. So, as Eric Qualman (Digital Leadership Coach and author of Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business) says;

We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.
— Erik Qualman

My struggle with social media and an ‘omnichannel approach’

I’ve been selling online since mid-2006 and back then social media wasn’t really a thing, so when it became time to market my products, I really struggled to post anything other than ‘Hey, I have this thing for sale!’

What the hell do you post that’s interesting?

What do I say on social media?

Who am I talking to?

So, I tried more channels and grew from a Facebook page to Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many more. My feeling was more is better and more will convert to more sales.

Soon the problem hit me like a wall… all of this time I was spending on social media; posting, talking and trying to get noticed was detracting from my ‘making’ and if I wanted to sell more product I needed to have the product to sell, right?

Just like everyone else who hits this wall I slowed my marketing pace, which in turn slowed my sales leads from outside of my newsletter and sales platform marketing efforts. Ultimately it affected my sales.

I spent some time looking into my problem and found solutions in the form of social media scheduling. I used tools like; Hootsuite, Buffer and Recurpost which I have talked about here on the blog (read those for tutorials too!) What these tools allowed me to do was to pre-schedule my posts to go out across one or more channels each week (an ‘omnichannel approach’ – meaning having a regular brand presence on more than one social channel) and saved me the time it took to individually post each day to each channel.

Great… wow, what a relief!

And for a while that alone worked a miracle for me, and the sales started to come back in from my social channels.

As time went on everyone and their dog had their own social media channel and this meant that channel bosses saw a way to monetise and add algorithms that enhance user experience, so posting ‘I have this for sale’ became very ineffective. Instead users were looking for brand connections to have authenticity and this meant looking for deeper brand stories from the businesses they followed. We in turn as businesses needed to increase our effort and output in order to be seen.

[Insert stomach churning stress here]

How do I show up regularly with a more effective and authentic message?

Let me tell you in today’s podcast.

How to be MORE EFFECTIVE on social media in LESS TIME

Watch the video here;

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 So, here’s how I have learned to create content for many social channels each week in a more effective way;

  1. Create a social planner – Sit down and write a list of each channel you want to post content to and the types of content that might be (photo/video/tutorial/tip, etc). Then think about how regularly you want to post to each channel.

  2. Create a table or spreadsheet template for the week ahead – work out what you want to say each day that week and allow the story to flow across the week. Your followers are looking for a connection and there’s no better way than to share that in a story form, something they will want to keep coming back to follow.

  3. Use a social media scheduler – using a scheduling tool will help you post at specific times/days without having to be there to do so.

  4. Allot a specific time each day to engage – often when we post ‘on the fly’ on social media we are tempted to hang around and chat. Whilst that chat can be a crucial way to gain sales, it can eat into your work time. By using a specific time each day when you log in and check for comments you are cutting down on unnecessary time wasting and keeping your post alive a bit longer to be seen by more of your following.

  5. Analysing your engagement means more of the ‘right’ topics to talk about – I have learnt that by choosing to analyse my social media channels and the follower data, I actually have more ideas and inspiration for how to give those users more reason to keep coming back. I end up with more meaningful content.

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If you want to know exactly how I do this and how you can achieve more sales through this technique then you need to join the Craft Biz Incubator! In my group coaching platform I take you step by step through a full year of growth in sales, looking at all aspects of your business from brand message and profits to marketing - including a whole social media mini course that will help you understand your following, which channel they are on most regularly and how to work out what you customers most want to see from you.


When we are clearer on what social content we need to create and for which social media channels it means we can create a much more effective approach, leading to more sales leads. If we couple this with a pre-planning strategy it means we are in fact being more effective using less time.

This was a massive game changer for me, that has really helped me grow my sales more easily. When I finally understood that and put my plan into action, it meant that I could reach more people who wanted to buy what I was selling and I didn’t feel sleazy pushing myself, because my message was more authentic.


Tell me; How do you currently handle your social media? I’d also love to know your thoughts on my tips – comment below! 👇

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