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How to Free Yourself from Harmful Comparison

How to Free Yourself from Harmful Comparison

Here are some signs business comparisonitis may be affecting you;

  • You continually ask yourself ‘why am I not doing as well as _?’

  • You regularly scrutinise your competitors’ products

  • You regularly check what your competitors are saying on social media, how they take their photos, how many likes they have and the comments from who you think are buyers.

  • You spend way too much time on a competitor’s stall at a show, or their website looking for their secret sauce to success

  • You pick apart competitors instead of holding them up as inspiration

  • You feel sick when you see their shop updates sell out quicker than yours

  • This results in you wanting to give it all up

I can guarantee that at some point as a small business owner you have fallen into this trap. Today on the podcast we are going to work through how to free yourself from this toxic behaviour.