This free 5 day email course will take you through my simple 4 step process for creating actionable goals.

    Do you have a mental wish list for your business?

    Like most small businesses out there you are probably reading articles, or seeing other people do the things you want to do and yet you never seem to have the time.

    What if I could show you a simple way to plan more successful goals for your business? Ones that you could actually work on!

    Create Meaningful Goals is a 5 day email course designed to help you pick just a few things you'd like to start working on to improve your small business today!

    create meaningful goals FREE BUSINESS COURSE

    Learn how to;

    • How to determine what you want and what you need from your business

    • How to set simple actionable goals

    • How to use the 4 step process again and again.

    create meaningful goals FREE BUSINESS COURSE

    Get a FREE workbook too!

    Journal everything you need as you go and have the templates handy to use again and again.

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    Sara Millis - My Indie Life Blog

    Hi, I'm Sara the founder of

    This simple 4 step process is where it all started for me...

    In 2010 I started burning out in my creative business. I was selling good volume of product and turning over a good amount of money each month, but I wasn’t making a wage that reflected my workload and I was exhausted.

    I had several problems that showed my clear lack of planning.

    At rock bottom I started planning… seriously looking at what I wanted from my business, what I needed from my business and how to give my customers more of what they wanted.

    I made massive changes and I ended up with a business I loved and with customers who held me as an authority on what I did. I was keeping better hours, working in a more creative direction and making better profit while I was at it.

    So you see good planning really works and it all starts with goals.

    What's included?

    • Lifetime access to the 5 day course.
    • Support in our Facebook community.
    • Actionable workbook.

    Who is Create Meaningful Goals for?

    • Creative businesses who sell physical or digital products, or services.
    • People who want to take their businesses further and intend to implement new strategies for success.

    Who is it not for?

    • Get rich quick types... there's no getting rich quick!
    • Businesses who are happy as they are.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    + What if I’m a brand new business?

    Fantastic! You might as well start from scratch and implement this straight away!!

    This is a the foundation to my later course SMASH Your Goals and will help you get on the right track now.

    + What if I already have a thriving business?

    There's always room to start goal planning. This is a the foundation to my later course SMASH Your Goals and will help you get on the right track now.

    + How long do I have access to this course?

    You have a lifetime access, as you will be sent the entire course via email over a 5 day period.

    + What format is the course content delivered in?

    The course is delivered by email over 5 days. It includes links to your workbook download and a goal tracker download.

    Sign up with your email in the 'opt-in' box and that will automatically start you on your course.

    + Am I going to have to buy anything extra?

    No... you can use my workbook.