How to start a Craft business

Are you planning to start your own craft business, but unsure of where to start?

Let me help you.

Having run my own successful craft business for 11 years I often get asked where to start and how to create a business that is truly sustainable. My answer is always the same... it's about creating the perfect foundation.

It's not complicated, it's not anything you can't do, but it is something that requires some planning. 

Here is how I recommend you start your planning;

1. Daydream

The most important starting point is YOU. You will be the driving force of your business, so you need to make sure from the start that you have both the passion and the drive to see this through. You will also need to be very clear about what you have to offer your business in terms of time and energy, so that you can lay out what you expect from your business. It sounds a little selfish and back at the beginning of my own business I would have thought the same, but the reality is just like anything else you are more successful if you understand the ground rules.

8 craft business models that work

2. Decide on the TYPE of business you want

Starting a craft business is not simply about making the odd thing to sell here and there… a craft business can be so many different things. Let me show you the 8 business models that I think are realistic starting points, that you can start from home with a relatively small budget.

How to start a craft business

3. Set your business up the RIGHT way

Having run my own successful craft business for 11 years I remember exactly how daunting starting a real business felt back at the beginning and how I struggled to find the advice and ideas on how to do it right. So I've written this book for all the first timers, the dreamers and the creatives who really want to get paid to do something they love.



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