30 Days To A Better Etsy Shop (ebook)

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30 Days To A Better Etsy Shop (ebook)


If You Have A Fully Optimised Etsy Shop Then You Are Very Likely To Get More Sales - Fact.

It's so incredibly important to have a shop looking at it's professional best for customers, because it gives them greater confidence in your expertise. People want to buy things from people who know and understand their craft. 

To achieve this we have to start planning and taking hold of our business from it's grass roots!

Are you currently one of the many Etsy Shop Owners who feels like;

  • you are struggling to get noticed.

  • you aren't getting many sales.

  • you are unsure of how to update your Etsy shop successfully.

  • you are confused about where to start with improving your business.

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This 30 Day Etsy Shop Challenge Will Help You With All Of That!


  • Update your shop for better layout

  • Improve your product descriptions to come up in relevant searches

  • Redefine how people can find you

  • Improve your customer service

  • Look at market research

  • Understand the business behind the shop

  • Use social media better

  • Create a happier you and a happier business


This is a PDF ecopy of my book.

Pages: 64

Pages will print to A4, but can also be scaled down.


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