How To Start A Craft Business (ebook)

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how to start ebook image.jpg

How To Start A Craft Business (ebook)


30 steps to start your business the RIGHT way.

Having run my own successful craft business for 11 years I remember exactly how daunting starting a real business felt and how I struggled to find the advice and ideas on how to do it right. So I've written this book for all the first timers, the dreamers and the creatives who really want to get paid to do something they love.

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  • research your market

  • cost and plan your products

  • set up foundation systems and practices for your business

  • cover the legal aspects of starting a business

  • understand better selling practises

  • start your marketing

  • set goals for your business growth


This is an ecopy of my book.

Pages: 114

Pages will print to A4, but can also be scaled down.


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