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Struggling to grow your craft business?

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Hi, I'm Sara and I ran my own successful craft business for 11 years before I sold it to concentrate on helping other's make an income from their craft. Now I host a FREE weekly podcast that delivers tips and tricks, as well as industry news straight to your inbox!

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“I Believe That Every Artist Can Run A Successful Business”

I learnt first hand that you CAN build a sustainable successful craft business and  I'm here to show you HOW!

How can I help you today?

I want to start a craft business

I'm stuck where to start, but I know I want to create a full time business doing something I love..

I want more sales from my Etsy Shop

I have a small Etsy business, but I need help to grow it. Do you have any tips that will help me?

I want to grow my handmade business

I have a reasonable business, but now I want to take it full-time. Where should I start?

I want to learn a new business skill

I want to choose a self study course, so that I can work whilst I learn how to improve my business.

I'm too busy and need hands on help!

I know what I need to do I just don't have time to get it done... I need a spare pair of hands. Can you help?

I'm looking for a business mentor

I need a business mentor, someone to guide me through the obstacles in my way, so that I can achieve more success.

My Craft Biz Magazine

Issue 3 - Developing your Biz in 2019


We will be talking strategies for growth. Everything from mindset and goals, to constructing your perfect strategy!

Ecopy £3 / Magazine £5

I have just read my copy of the eZine and congratulations Sara it was excellent.
— Carol-Ann Smith van Blerk, Oooohbeads (Issue 1)