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Struggling to grow your craft business?

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Hi, I'm Sara and I ran my own successful craft business for 11 years before I sold it to concentrate on helping other's make an income from their craft.

Now I host a FREE weekly podcast that delivers tips and tricks, as well as industry news straight to your inbox!

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“I Believe That Every Artist Can Run A Successful Business”

I learnt first hand that you CAN build a sustainably, successful craft business and now I'm here to show you HOW!

How can I help you today?

I want to work with actionable advice

I have read loads of free stuff and it's great, but it doesn't go into the finer detail that gives me tangible results - can you help?

I’d also love to read about these tips on the move, or at home with my favourite coffee - have you got something I can keep on my coffee table, or in my bag?

You need My Craft Biz Magazine! A quarterly zine designed with actionable tips on a specific topic that really work.

I want to start/grow my handmade business

I have a small business, or am just starting out and I want to take it full-time, eventually.

I need encouragement, training and tactical tools to do this… and I also want community to help me once I’m on my way - can you help?

You need the Craft Biz Incubator! A community space designed to help you achieve the craft business you have dreamed of and meet like-minded people.

I really need to pick your brains on a regular basis

I have a small business, or am just starting out and I work better if I have someone guiding me through planning my growth strategy and working through the scary parts of my growth plan - can you help?

You need my 1-2-1 service! A coaching program designed to guide, motivate and help you plan the right actions for your business.

Want to tap into the great info right here on the site?!