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I need help with my business

I need some help! I'm stuck where to start, but I know I want to create more success with my business.


I want to start setting goals for success

I want to learn how to set meaningful business goals that will take my business forward.

I want to make my business shine

I've mastered the basics of planning, now I need to know how to succeed in my goals and create real success.

Sara's course really delivers on its promise to help you SMASH your goals!


I jumped into blogging with no idea how I could turn it into an online business, so I spent months trying one tactic after another with no results. I burned out on this terrible strategy pretty quickly. I knew I needed specific goals to guide the direction of my blog but I didn't know how to make them. Enter SMASH Your Goals.

First, you analyze the state of your business and create S.M.A.R.T Goals to bridge the gaps between your current plan and where you'd like your business to be. Sara's process was so easy to follow. I went from feeling clueless to confident in my blog's plan in just one module! After determining your S.M.A.R.T Goals, the course walks you through creating support systems in all areas of your business. Then the course covers time management, data collection, quarterly reviews, and more.

It's only been a few weeks but I've already figured out my ideal time to post on social media & grown my followers using Sara's data tracking strategies! SMASH Your Goals offers an incredibly comprehensive system for creating, maintaining, and evaluating business goals. More than that, it offers peace of mind knowing I have a system that works for my blog now and my business in the future. I highly recommend this course! - Jessica

'I was amazed at the amount of info Sara promptly gave me in my Blog Critique Report. It was both comprehensive and informative with clear suggestions for going forward. There was so much there I hadn't even thought of. I am still going through Sara's suggestions now and I am already seeing results!

It is obvious that Sara has years of experience in this area. Highly recommended if you want help with your online business moving forward.' ~ Michelle

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Working on your own can suck... you often feel alone in making big decisions, or setting bigger goals for your business.

Well not anymore!

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