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Simple, practical advice for

Successful craft businesses

Learn how to find loyal customers & grow your dream business!

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Hey there, I’m Sara…

I come from a creative product background where I successfully turned my own £100 investment into a six figure business in a niche area of the craft industry.

“I Believe That Every Artist Can Run A Successful Business”

I learnt first hand that you CAN build a sustainably, successful craft business and now I'm here to show you HOW!

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Here’s how I help you…

I am a Craft Business Coach, helping you to carve out the dream craft business you have always wanted. So, whether you are just starting out and needing direction, or you have been in the game a while and need a sales boost to level up, then we need to talk!


Working out how to start your craft business?

I got you!


Working out how to grow your sales?

I got you!


Working out how to market yourself?

I got you!


Here’s where you need to start!

Do you have a burning question and you want some advice, or are you feeling stuck as to what your next business move needs to be? Pick one or all of the options below and let me help you stop feeling frustrated and start feeling empowered and confident to just get going!