Ultimate FAQ Pages: How to banish unwanted returns

FAQ Pages

Yesterday on the podcast we talked about what to offer in a return policy. Today I wanted to take that further in talking specifically about FAQ pages and how they can help inform and reduce returns, exchanges and negative feedback, which is really important for customer retention and satisfaction.

What is a FAQ page?

The acronym FAQ means ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and the idea of this on your website is that it helps your customers very quickly find the pieces of information they need about your products and services. Most websites will have a dedicated page for this, or as you may have seen on Etsy (especially if you have an Etsy shop). FAQs can appear under each product listing too.

These questions are essentially the things your customers want to know the most. Things like; do you accept returns, or how long does shipping take or even if you offer customisation. They can also be product specific. For example if you offer yarn and knitting needles you may have specific care instructions for each, or other points that you wish to have visible directly on the product page that covers all of your yarn, or all of your knitting needles. You would create a set of FAQs that can blanket cover these ranges of product.

There’s no right or wrong way in which to cover your frequently asked questions, other than that they should appear where most relevant.

Your frequently asked questions should be presented something like this;


1.    Question


2.    Question


3.    Question



Clarity is really important here, as is regular updating.

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Why do I need one on my website, or Etsy shop?

Think about your customers for a moment. They may not know anything about your business, or your products. They might be sceptical about buying, or need more information before they buy. They might even feel too lazy to email you, or call you and why should they?!

A simple, but informative FAQ page could be all that stands between you and the sale… why wouldn’t you show how helpful you can be?!

Shopify who host awesome websites for crafters say;

A FAQ section done right can be an effective addition to your website that serves several functions, from:

·         Alleviating purchasing anxieties that your product page copy doesn’t directly address.

·         Relieving some of the burden on customer support by publicly answering common questions.

·         Improving SEO and site navigation.

·         Earning trust by demonstrating product expertise and explaining your business model.

·         Delighting customers by creatively answering their questions.

So it seems pretty clear, FAQ pages are the way forward.


What are the ultimate ‘must have’ FAQ I need to include?

I believe every craft business website, or Etsy shop need to include the following;

  • Start with the universal questions – think about the basics your customer may be looking for, like information on;

    • Return policy, or exchange information

    • Shipping days, or time frames

    • Shipping charges

    • Sizing

    • Is your product repeatable

    • Care instructions

    • Custom ordering options

    • How to contact customer service

  • Then layer on common questions your regular customers ask – this will ultimately be more specific to your business. So let’s say you are a soap maker you may wish to add in a set of FAQs about which products suit which skin types, or how your products are tested.

  • Point of contact – ask your customers to contact you if they have any more questions and include your email address. Usually this sits at the bottom of the list, but if you have an extensive list, then put your contact details at the top.

  • Add in social proof link to a press page, or share testimonials, so that your customers can get more excited to buy from you. You just need one or two that are relevant to either the product, or overall business FAQs.

  • Create a video – Sometimes some things are better explained when seen visually, so maybe show your customers the answer. For example, let’s say I had a FAQ question that reads, ‘How do you make your products?’ I could answer that with a short video (something you can also use in your marketing strategy). You don’t need to give them product recipes, but a broad overview that helps show them the authenticity of your artwork. That could speak volumes and convert far more sales than several paragraphs of text.

  • Link to blog posts – If you have a business website then the chances are that your package includes a blogging facility. I urge you to start using it as it’s a great way to highlight points of interest to your customers and in particular it could be a great way to address a rather long explanation of a point on a product or service that you offer. Linking to this in your FAQ page would be much more succinct when your customers are searching for the information they most need.



Creating a simple, but effective FAQ page will help answer questions customers might not like to ask before they buy. This information will also help them establish things about your products and services before they buy that may lessen returns, or negative feedback upon receipt.

The other thing it does is saves you time answering emails and if you are an artist making each of your products, then less time at the computer is always prefered!

So do yourself a favour today and create a set of simple frequently asked questions for your Craft Business. I promise you your customers will thank you for it!



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Where have you seen a great example of a FAQ page recently? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading! I hope that was helpful, or at least thought provoking?

If you have any questions or comments, please pop them in the comment section below.