RecurPost: How to get started on their free plan!

I’ve been using RecurPost’s free social media scheduler to plan my content marketing for a number of months now, alongside Hootsuite and have found it a useful part of my social media strategy. Today I’m sharing a simple walk-through of how to set up your first social post to help you get started over there.

How I use RecurPost’s free plan for social media scheduling

My thoughts on RecurPost’s Free plan


  • The dashboard offers a number of ways to view your content strategy

  • Quick and easy to get going and find your way around

  • The mobile app has been easy to use

  • You can create content libraries which will post on your behalf during scheduled time frames. This makes content that you wish to repeat occasionally much easier to handle.

  • They have created ‘variations for Twitter’, which is great for recurring content that you want to tweak, so that it looks fresh and remains eligible under Twitter’s SPAM rules

  • The support team is small, but fast and efficient with your queries

  • There is a good video library for help in the ‘knowledge base’


  • You can’t post video using the free service

  • The dashboard very occasionally glitches

  • You cannot engage with comments and messages from your social media – but I’m sure somewhere there’s something that tells us that in-platform engagement is better

  • Statistics – you don’t get any real analytics on the free plan, but this can be done directly from your social accounts, or through using other online tools.

Overall I feel that RecurPost has been one of the simplest scheduling platforms to get started with, albeit the lack of video posting facilities on the free plan. It is easy to use, simple to learn and has certainly helped me get to a much better place with my social media strategy planning.

My favourite feature which you just don’t find elsewhere, is the content libraries. I can put together content that I wish to mention at regular intervals, like my newsletter link, or a link to an older blog post. Once I have set the interval I wish it to be repeated on, it is out there doing it’s thing without intervention from me. This makes my life really easy!

So, if you are looking for my preferred recommendation, then this is it – RecurPost. It has everything you need to get started, especially if you pre-plan for products/service launches… which you are, right?!

Why should I pre-schedule content for my creative business?

Social Media is a really great tool for maximising our customer’s perception of our brand and their willingness to sample our products and I find it wholly underused by Etsy shop owners and creative artists.

Social Media is essentially cost-free if we discount ads for a moment, so it’s a great place for us to start shouting about what we do. It takes time though, so if we are clever with the time we spend, then we can achieve a lot! I probably spent on average no more than 15 minute a day on social media with my product business and I created plenty of leads and shop traffic as a result.

From 2019 social media is also likely to become much more transactional, meaning your customers have an opportunity to buy directly from you on social media. This means that missing out on being consistent with a clear brand message and presence, means missing out on potential sales.

I found that creating a plan ahead of time when it came to shop updates, shows and new product launches helped me to see clearly how I could create a story flow that excited my social followers enough to want to click through to my website, attend an event and much more importantly buy what I was selling.

Using a social media scheduler to help me post that very intentional content, meant that even if I was running late one day in production, I didn’t have the headache of posting on social media, because tools just like RecurPost are created to do that for me.

I’m all about time saving, in a much more productive and intentional way and so should you be!



Not all social media schedulers are created equal, so I would make sure that you go in and have a play first. Once you have an idea of whether this tool will fit your purpose, then you can schedule a lot more content to go out this way and decide later on when exactly you need to upgrade.

Remember that scheduling your content ahead of time makes for better;

  • Launch planning

  • Content strategy and story telling

  • Allows you time to concentrate on other things



If you want to know more about social media tools and resources check out some of the other things I have talked about;


Thank you for watching! I hope that was helpful?

If you have any questions or comments, please pop them in the comment section below.

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recurpost tutorial
recurpost tutorial
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